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They purchase error, and seek to make you (Muslims) err from the right way

Lessons 506 to 517
Believers Should Not Draw Near Prayer When Drunken
Prayer and Intoxication
Drinking and Prayer
When You Know That What Uttered, Then Offer Prayer
Draw Not Near Prayer When Polluted or Drunken
Surah NISAAA’  (WOMEN) - Chapter - 4)
Verses –43a of 176, Section –7/24 (Part – 5)
O ye who believe! Draw not near unto prayer when ye are drunken, till ye know that which ye utter, nor when ye are polluted, save when journeying upon the road, till ye have bathed.
Yaaa-  ‘ayyu-hallaziina  ‘aa-manuu  laa  taqrabus-Salaata  wa  ‘antum  sukaaraa  hattaa  ta’-lamuu  maa  taquuluuna  wa  laa  junuban  ‘illaa  ‘aabirii  sabiilin  hattaa  tag-tasiluu.


In the beginning of this Chapter (Surah), the Muslims were laid stress on the performance of conjugal rights and the rights of their beloveds, relatives and allies. They were forbidden to take wealth of others illegally and slaughter someone unreasonably. After that, they were commanded to behave well with the relatives, the orphans, the poor and the neighbors and ordered to abstain from pride, arrogance, avarice and spending their wealth in order to be seen of men. At the last of all these instructions, a command has been given about the prayer. It has been ordered about the prayer, “Be careful about two things before saying the prayer:

·       You should not be in the form of intoxication. That is to say, you cannot offer prayer until you are unable to understand the sentences spoken by your tongues.

·       Secondly, do not draw near to prayer until taking bath, if you are polluted (due to either intercourse or any other reason and need to be purified).

The advantage of these both instructions is that:

Above-mentioned orders of Allah Almighty in which performing the entire duties of mutual rights and affairs, financial and physical worships were discussed, seem very difficult to be executed. Moreover, escaping from miserly, to be seen of the people and vanity, seems very troublesome upon the soul. Therefore, the order for the prayer is given. Due to the prayer, inclination towards other worships springs up and carrying into effect of other worships becomes easy, and flight arises from the illegal things. Some Scholars of the religion have explained also in this way, “It is possible that because of listening to the earlier orders, the lazy and inactive people might lose their spirit, thinking themselves helpless and idle in offering prayers. Therefore, it is told that the person, who will maintain the prayers, he will face neither any difficulty in other matters, nor he will mistake in offering the prayer timely.

Sukaaraa _ (drunken) sukar means in the form of intoxication, drunken-ness. It aims that when any person’s mental condition has interruption in his conscious and the mental balance does not remain fit. This condition springs up due to drinking as well as smelling and addiction to smoking charas etc. Sometimes, such condition may also arise due to excess of emotion, anger and sleep. In such state, the Prayer cannot be offered.

Junuban –(when ye are polluted, there is need of bathing) , that is to say; such condition when taking bath is obligatory. Such polluted man or woman is called junubii.

Purifying Before Prayer When Water Is Not Held 
Sand or Dust – Substitute of Water for Ablution
Benign and Forgiving – Allah Almighty
Rub Your Face & Hands with Soil if Find Not Water
Surah NISAAA’  (WOMEN) - Chapter - 4)
Verses –43b of 176, Section –7/24 (Part – 5)

And if ye be ill, or on a journey, or one of you cometh from the closet, or ye have touched women, and ye find not water, then go to high clean soil and rub your faces and your hands (therewith). Lo! Allah is Benign, Forgiving.
Wa  ‘in-  kuntum-marzaaa  ‘aw  ‘alaa  safarin  ‘aw  ‘ahadum-minkum-minal-gaaa-‘iti  ‘aw  laamas-tumun-nisaaa-‘afalam  tajiduu  maaa-‘an   fata-yamma-muu  sa-‘iidan-tayyiban  fam-sahuu  bi-wujuuhikum  wa  ‘ay-diikum.  ‘Innallaaha  kaana  ‘A-fuwwan  Gafuuraa.


It was described in the previous lesson that the prayer cannot be offered if the body of man or woman is polluted/unclean and until he/she does not take bath. But if someone is either ill or on a journey or has come from the privy, or he has touched the woman, and does not find water for cleanliness, then it has been uttered in this verse that they should purify with sand or dust. That purification is called tayammum.

Three forms of excuse from bathing have been discussed in this lesson:

1. Illness     While the water harms and there is a danger of increasing the illness due to its use.

2. Journey    If any person is on a journey and either does not have so much water to do ablution, or quantity of the available water is too less that, if he does ablution then the water will not remain for his drinking and there is no hope to get it at a very distant from his location. And he may die due to thirst.

3. Nonexistence of Water    It is also possible that the water will entirely be unreachable.   

In this verse, two kinds of cleanliness have been mentioned:

·       Someone has come back (from the latrine) after disposing of his/her stool or urine and needs to do ablution.

·       He/she has copulated and now requires taking bath.

Method of Tayammum (purifying before prayer with sand or dust when water cannot be had) is that they should beat their both hands on the pure earth (soil or dust) and rub on entire face. Then bring hands to high clean soil again and now rub both hands up to their elbows. Soil has been set as locum-tenens of water at the time of any proper motive because it is pure and can be obtained more easily than water.

In addition, the earth is root of the humanity, and turning towards one’s root, there is safety from the sins and depravities.

Allah Almighty permitted to do Tayammum in place of ablution when it is necessary and set the soil as substitute of water because He is Forgiving and Producer of ease. He likes advantages and facilities for His servants. Apparently, these instructions seem difficult to the mankind, but the aim from it all is that the human beings may become pious and pure, and achieve success in this world and the Hereafter.  

People Of The Scripture Seek To Make You Err
As a Friend – Allah is Sufficient 
Ill will of the People of the Scripture
God is Sufficient as a Helper
Lord Almighty Knows Best Your Enemies
Surah Nisaaa’ (Women) - Chapter - 4)
Verses –44 & 45 of 176, Section –7/24 (Part – 5)

44.  Seest thou not those unto whom a portion of the Scripture hath been given, how they purchase error, and seek to make you (Muslims) err from the right way?

45.  And Allah knoweth best (who are) your enemies. And Allah is Sufficient as a Friend, and Allah is Sufficient as a Helper.
44.  ‘Alam  tara  ‘ilallaziina   ‘uu-tuu  nasiibam-minal-Kitaabi  yash-taruunaz-zalaalata  wa  yuriiduuna  ‘an-  tazillus-sabiil.

45.  Wallaahu  ‘a’ -lamu  bi- ‘a’ – daaa- ‘ikum.  Wa kafaa  bil-laahi  Waliy-yanw-wa  kafaa  bil-laahi  Nasiiraa.


There is a description about some dissensions, deceiving and cunning behavior of the Jews in these verses.

The badness and flaws of the children of Israel have been mentioned from the verse ‘Innallaaha  laa  yuhibbu  man-  kaana  mukh-taalan-  fakhuuraa (4:36) (Lo! Allah loveth not such as are proud and boastful) (up to the verse 4:42). Then it was told, “Yaaa-  ‘ayyu-hallaziina  ‘aa-manuu  laa  taqrabus-Salaata  wa  ‘antum  sukaaraa (4:43) (O ye who believe! Draw not near unto prayer when ye are drunken, till ye know that which ye utter, nor when ye are polluted, save when journeying upon the road, till ye have bathed). Now their (Jews) description is being started again from these verses.

The Jews are the People of the Scripture. Allah Almighty bestowed them some portion of His Word, but acting upon those Instructions was not in their fate. These people purchase straggling in retaliation of the verses of Allah Almighty and hide the qualities and conditions regarding His last Messenger, Muhammad (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon him). They keep secret the glad tidings about Him (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon him), mentioned in their Scripture so that their own honor and chief-ship might not end. They disbelieve in Islam intentionally and wish too to make the Muslims err from the right way and turn them from their religion Islam.

This nation was beloved to Allah Almighty. Many Prophets and Messengers of God Almighty (peace be upon them) were sent towards them, who used to try for showing them the right path through preaching and invitation in all respect. Instead of learning about the betterment of the Day of Resurrection, they used to gain the worldly benefits, by making changes in the Scripture of Allah Almighty, the order that they used to seem favorable for them, obeyed it and which commands lessened their temporary advantages, they used to kick them. They concealed the glad tiding regarding last Messenger, Muhammad (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon him) given in their Scripture, only for the purpose that their dominion and lordship would not end, and they would not be vilified. In short, they used to purchase the world (wealth) by selling their religion. Now they seek to make also the Muslims err from the right way.

Allah Almighty commands, “O Muslims! I know your enemies very well. Keep satisfaction. They would never be able to ruin you. Be careful from them. Allah Almighty is Sufficient to increase your gain and to save you from any loss. Do not reflect from your enemies and remain firm upon the religion – Islam”. 

          LESSON # 509 FROM HOLY QUR’AN
Stratagems of the Jews
Better Observances
Craftiness of the Children of Israel
It Was Better to Say “We Hear and We Obey”
Jews Used To Change Words from Their Context
Surah Nisaaa’ (Women) - Chapter - 4)
Verses –46 of 176, Section –7/24 (Part – 5)

Some of those who are Jews change words from their context and say; “We hear and disobey; hear thou as one who cannot be made to hear” and “Listen to us!” distorting with their tongues and slandering religion. And if they had said: “We hear and we obey; hear thou, and look at us” it had been better for them, and more upright. But Allah hath cursed them for their disbelief, so they believe not, save a few.
Minal-laziina  haaduu  yu-harri-fuunal-kalima  ‘am-ma-waa-zi-‘ihii  wa  yaquuluuna  sami’-naa  wa  ‘asaynaa  wasma’  gayra  musma-‘inw-wa  raa-‘inaa  lay-yam-bi-‘al-sinatihim  wa  ta’-nan-  fiddiin. Wa  law ‘annahum  qaaluu  sami’-naa  wa  ‘ata’-naa  wasma’  wan-zurnaa  lakaana  khayral-lahum  wa  ‘aq-wama,  wa  laakilla- ‘annahumul-laahu  bi-kufrihim  falaa  yu’-minuuna  ‘illaa  qaliilaa.


It has been described in this verse that there are some such persons also in the Jews, who change the words from the context of the Scripture Torah, alter too their meanings and object.

Whenever Messenger Muhammad (grace, glory, blessings and peace of Allah Almighty be upon him) used to cause to hear the command of God Almighty, they said, “We heard”, that is to say, “We obeyed”, but whispered, “We disobeyed this order” as “We have heard your order only with our ears, but our hearts have rejected it. We accepted verbally only for deceiving”.

Another mischief of the Jews was that whenever they used to address the Holy Prophet (grace, glory, blessings and peace of Allah Almighty be upon him), they talked such words, which had two meanings. According to one meaning, they used to expose ‘prayer for Muslims’ welfare and respect’. However, as per other meanings, they had aim of a curse and contempt for the Believers. Accordingly, they used to say such words, which were apparently as prayer for one’s welfare, for example; “Remain esteemed and triumphant always, nobody may win over you in any bad and opposite affair”. Nevertheless, bad aim of these sentences was in their hearts, “Hear thou as one who cannot be made to hear”.

When the Jews used to stand in the service of Holy Messenger (grace, glory, blessings and peace of Allah Almighty be upon him), they used to say, “raa-‘inaa”. This word has two meanings, one good and the other bad. Good meanings are that ‘Show us favor and look us with kindness, so that we may understand your object and ask from you whatever we wish to ask you’. Moreover, bad meaning were acquired by pressing their tongues and using the word ra-‘iinaa , which meant, “You are our shepherd”. They used to offer an insult of the Last Messenger of Allah Almighty (grace, glory, blessings and peace of Allah Almighty be upon him).   

The Jews people used to say these words in their conversation by alloying in such a manner that hearers got usually good meanings of these words. Nobody used to think about their bad meanings, but the People of the Scripture used to take bad meanings in their hearts and accuse (let us flee to Allah) the Holy Prophet (grace, glory, blessings and peace of Allah Almighty be upon him) as “if this person were Prophet, then he had certainly known our cheating”. Allah Almighty split the veil of their cunning. Now we should neither make them trusty, nor obey them and nor consider them our friends because they left the Path of Guidance and went astray.

They are being instructed in this verse that it is their boundless unbecoming behavior. It was better for them if they had not done so. They would have used clear, correct and suitable words. For instance:

·       ‘Ata’-naa (we obeyed) in place of ‘asay-naa.

·       Only the word ‘isma’ (hear) in place of the words ‘isma’  gayra  musma-‘in (hear thou as one who cannot be made to hear).

·       The word ‘un-zurnaa (look at us) instead of saying raa-‘inaa.

Allah Almighty removed them from His Mercy and Guidance due to their infidelity. They do not understand simple and useful matters, and do not have faith except some of them. Out of those believer Jews are – ‘Abdullah bin Salaam (razi Allahu Anhu) etc. who used to escape from wickedness and villainies of the Jews and remained safe and sound from the curse of Allah Almighty.

Three matters have become very clear from this verse:

1.  The Jews disbelieved in the Messenger of Allah Almighty (grace, glory, blessings and peace of Allah Almighty be upon him) intentionally, although they knew glad tidings and predictions about Him (grace, glory, blessings and peace of Allah Almighty be upon him).

2.  They used to address the Messenger (grace, glory, blessings and peace of Allah Almighty be upon him) with such words, which had good meanings apparently, but take their bad meanings in to their hearts. As though, they used to behave deceitfully (trick of hypocrisy).

3.  Moreover, they did not believe in the unity of the Deity and Apostleship, used to make alterations in the Heavenly Scriptures. They slaughtered the Prophets (peace be upon them) unjust. Due to this infidelity, they were cursed by Allah Almighty and thrown away from His Kindness.     

Invitation Of Belief To The Jews
Jews Are Being Invited to Believe In Holy Qur’an
Belief in That Which Confirms That Which Ye Possess
Curse For Sabbath-Breakers
Commandment of Allah Almighty
Surah Nisaaa’ (Women) - Chapter - 4)
Verses –47 of 176, Section –7/24 (Part – 5)

O ye unto whom the Scripture hath been given! Believe in what We have revealed confirming that which ye possess, before We destroy countenances so as to confound them, or curse them as We cursed the Sabbath-breakers (of old time). And the Commandment of Allah is always executed.
Yaaa-  ‘ayyu-hallaziina  ‘uu-tul- Kitaaba  ‘aaminuu  bimaa  nazzalnaa  musaddiqal-limaa  ma-‘akum-min  qabli  ‘an-nat-misa  wujuuhan  fa-naruddahaa  ‘alaaa  ‘adbaarihaaa  ‘aw  nal-‘anahum  kamaa  la-‘annaaa  ‘As-haabas-Sabt.  Wa  kaana  ‘am-rullaahi  maf-‘uulaa.


Now the People of the Scripture are being invited, “Confirm the Holy Qur’an. This Word of Allah Almighty confirms your old Scriptures, and the basic principles of those Scriptures are united with It (Holy Qur’an). You should be saved from that punishment of Allah Almighty by embracing Islam, which was given to the past nations due to declining the Truth”.

Allah Almighty commanded the children of Israel, “Believe in Holy Qur’an prior to that time, when We shall destroy your countenances so as to either confound them or metamorphose your faces and make them like animals, as We destroyed and changed the countenances of the Sabbath-breakers, and made them monkeys”. 

‘As-haabas-Sabt  - (Sabbath-breakers, the people of the day of Saturday). The story of the Sabbath-breakers has been mentioned in Surah ‘A’-raaf , which is briefly as under, “The children of Israel are permitted to hunt the fish during entire days of the week except Saturday. Allah Almighty wished to test them. Therefore, it was His such Will that the fish used to appear very less in quantity on all other days, but on Saturday, it used to be seen in very much numbers. The children of Israel used to be affected that the fish was in abundant quantity but they were not permitted to catch it. They could not have patience and tried to get unlawful advantage from this command of Allah Almighty through stratagem. They dug many abysses along with the bank of river and connected those pits to the river. On Saturday, the fish used to come in pits besides the water from the river and assemble here. Next day, they used to catch the fish from there. Due to this stratagem and wickedness, the curse of Allah Almighty revealed upon them and they were made the monkeys by destroying their countenances.

The Jews are being frightened from this curse of Allah Almighty also in the above-mentioned verse and they have been warned that ‘the Commandment of Allah Almighty is always executed. So, do not disobey Him, otherwise you will deserve the torment of God Almighty’.    

A Tremendous Sin - Polytheism
Polytheist Will Never Be Forgiven
Ascribing Partner to Allah Is Unforgiveable Sin
Allah Forgives All Save That To Which He Will
There Is No Forgiveness for Idolater in Doomsday
Surah Nisaaa’ (Women) - Chapter - 4)
Verses –48 of 176, Section –7/24 (Part – 5)

Lo! Allah forgiveth not that a partner should be ascribed unto Him and He forgiveth (all) save that to which He will. And whoso ascribeth partners to Allah, he hath indeed invented a tremendous sin.
‘Innal-laaha  laa  yagfiru  ‘any-yushraka  bihii  wa yagrifu maa duuna zaalika  li-many-yashaaa’.  Wa  many-yushrik  billaahi  fa-qadif-taraaa  ‘isman  ‘aziimaa.


Allah Almighty has informed about the biggest sin – polytheism, generally to the entire mankind ‘the children of Adam’ (peace be upon him) and especially the children of Israel (peace be upon him), and described about that particular biggest sin, which will never be forgiven in any condition I.e.  ascribing plurality to Allah Almighty. Allah Almighty will award more or less punishment in retaliation to all remaining little sins, but He will never forgive the tremendous sin of polytheism.  

Shirk means ascribing the plurality to Allah Almighty. That is to say, to determine someone else equal or associate in His Noble Personage, Virtues or Commands, is called plurality to Him. This matter is against the Unity of God Almighty.

If the human being consider thoroughly, then it will reveal that verily polytheism is the biggest sin. With it, not only the excellence of human life are thrown away, even that his nature and life is also ruined. After reviewing the universe and existing things deeply, it reaches the corroborative evidence point that surely there exists any Creator of entire these things.  

If the humankind meditates himself upon his bodily and mental powers, he will perceive that there is any certainly Greatest Existence, Who bestows all these powers and runs their system. Which uncountable difficulties and calamities a mankind has to bear in this world, those remind him that Someone exists, Who sends these disasters and He can solve them too. That Life is our Glorious Lord Almighty. Believing in Him whole-heartedly, is the only source of hearts’ satisfaction and to continue the human life.

The person, whoever disbelieves in the Unity of Allah Almighty, satisfaction and tranquility of his heart slips away. Moreover, he remains entangled in such a whirlpool, from where he cannot obtain any way of deliverance.

Polytheism and idolatry ruins the faith and practice of the human being. Therefore, it has been determined a very very great sin. The Jews, who used to ascribe many things as plurality to Allah Almighty, they are being warned, “Don’t hope for pardon from the Court of Allah Almighty in this form”.        

Forging Lies Against Allah is a Flagrant Sin
Slandering and Telling a Lie
False-hood and Calumny
Nobody Will Be Wronged Even a Hair upon a Date-stone
Telling Lie is a Flagrant Sin
Surah Nisaaa’ (Women) - Chapter - 4)
Verses –49 & 50 of 176, Section –7/24 (Part – 5)

49.  Hast thou not seen those who praise themselves for purity? Nay, Allah purifieth whom He will, and they will not be wronged even the hair upon a date-stone.

50.  See, how they forge lies against Allah! And that itself is a flagrant sin.
49.  ‘Alam  tara  ‘ilallaziina  yu-zakkuuna  ‘anfusahum.  Balil-laahu  yuzakkii  many-yashaaa-‘u  wa  laa  yuzlamuuna  fatiilaa.

50.  ‘Unzur  kayfa  yaftaruuna  ‘alallaahil-  kazib.  Wa kafaa  bihii  ‘ismam-mubiinaa.


In this verse, Allah Almighty has addressed His last Messenger Muhammad (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon him); “Have you not seen those children of Israel who have involved themselves in the badness like polytheism? They disobey the commands of Allah Almighty, alter in the Scripture of Allah Almighty, had been slaughtering the Prophets (peace be upon them) unlawfully, falsifying the glad tidings and good news regarding the last Messenger, Muhammad (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon him) and notwithstanding these entire badness, they claim that they are pure and innocent? It is completely nonsensical thing.

In fact, Allah Almighty purifies and sanctifies, to whom He wishes. Nothing may be by saying someone. They will not be tyrannized even equal to a particle, who brag falsely and claim wrongfully. But they will be entangled in the torment of Allah Almighty due to their own evils and wicked deeds.

It has been described about the reason of revelation of this verse that the children of Israel, who used to worship the calf and say the Prophet Ezra (peace be upon him) as son of God, when they heard this verse of Holy Qur’an, “ ‘Innallaaha  laa  yag-firu  ‘any-yushraka”, they began to say, “We are not idolaters, but we are pure servants of God and children of the Prophet. Prophet-hood is our hereditary. This verse revealed upon this occasion.

Allah Almighty commanded, “How is it wonderful that these people calumniate Allah Almighty in different false manners and although they have involved themselves in the infidelity, and ascribe plurality to Him, even then they relate themselves as God’s friends and are claimants to be chosen by Allah Almighty.

No doubt that the children of Israel were descendants of the Prophets (peace be upon them). High in dignity Prophets (peace be upon them) used to come out of them. Even that the prophet-hood remained limited in to their lineage. In this regard, verily these people were beloved of Allah Almighty earlier, but when they turned from the obedience of Allah Almighty and His Messenger (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon him), forgot the Day of Resurrection by following the covetousness and lust, then their agreeableness came to an end. Therefore, Allah Almighty delineates, “They shall be punished because they forge lies against Allah Almighty, while they have fallen into the polytheism”. 

Obedient of Idols and Deities
Idolaters Can Never Be More Rightly Guided Than Believers
God Has Cursed Them Who Believe In Idols and Deities
No Helper for Him Who Has Been Cursed By Allah
The People Who Believe In Idols and Deities
Surah Nisaaa’ (Women) - Chapter - 4)
Verses –51 & 52 of 176, Section – 8/24 (Part – 5)

51.  Hast thou not seen those unto whom a portion of the Scripture hath been given, how they believe in idols and false deities, and how they say of those (idolaters) who disbelieve: These are more rightly guided than those who believe”?

52.  Those are they whom Allah hath cursed, thou (O’ Muhammad) will find for him no helper.
51.  ’Alam  tara  ‘ilallaziina  ‘uu-tuu  nasiibam-minal-Kitaabi  yu’-minuuna  bil-jibti  wat-Taaguuti  wa  yaquuluuna  lil-laziina  kafaruu  haaa- ‘ulaaa-‘i  ‘ahdaa  minallaziina  ‘aamanuu  sabiilaa.   

52.  ‘Ulaaa-‘ikallaziina  la-‘ana-humullaah.  Wa  many-yal-‘a-nillaahu  falan  tajida  lahuu  nasiiraa.


Taaguuti(False deities, disobedient, rebellion, refractory, encroacher, the person, who oversteps the bounds), the words tagaa, tugyaan, taagi and taaguut have been derived from the same origin, which means ‘to exceed one’s power, to disobey. Overflowing of the river is named as tugyaani, probably for the reason that the water of the river oversteps from its bounds (banks). The commentators of Holy Qur’an infer the Satan (Devil) at some places as taaguut because he passed beyond his limits.

The children of Israel were the People of the Scripture. The Commandments of Allah Almighty had reached them through Prophet Moses and the Prophets and Messengers came after Him (peace be upon them). They had Torah, in which the glad tiding regarding the last Messenger Muhammad (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon him) did exist. But when they observed that the prophet-hood would be delivered to the children of Ishmael from their dynasty, and a Prophet (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon him) has born in the illiterate people of Mecca, at that time, a fire of jealousy irritated into them. They got ready for enmity, tried to humiliate the Muslims in every respect and at last sharpened their adversity by adhering with the Meccan idolaters. Notwithstanding being the people of the Scripture, knowing about the Unity of Allah Almighty and the Truth of His last Messenger (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon him), they said to the idolaters only for their pleasure, even up to that their (idolaters’) religion was better than the religion of Muslims (Islam).

Allah Almighty commands that the people, who recommended the religion of infidelity as better and prominent than Islam only for the purpose of their psychological desires, they are the people, whom Allah Almighty has cursed. Moreover, it is clear that nobody can be helper and protector of that person, to whom Allah Almighty has cursed.    

Misfortune of the Jews
Deprivitation of the Children of Israel
Bani Ishmael and Bani Israel – Children of ‘Abraham
Bounty of Allah Almighty
The Scripture and the Wisdom
Surah Nisaaa’ (Women) - Chapter - 4)
Verses –53 & 54 of 176, Section – 8/24 (Part – 5)

53.  Or have they even a share in the Sovereignty? Then in that case, they would not give mankind even the speck on a date-stone.  

54.  Or are they jealous of mankind because of that which Allah of His Bounty hath bestowed upon them? “So We bestowed upon the house of Abraham (of old) the Scripture and Wisdom, and We bestowed on them a mighty kingdom.
53.  ‘Am  lahum  nasiibum-minal-mulki  fa-‘izal-laa  yu’-tuu-nannaasa  naqiiraa.  

54.  ‘Am  yahsuduu-nan-naasa  ‘alaa  maaa  ‘aataahumul-laahu  min-fazlih.  Fa-qad  ‘aataynaaa  ‘Aala-‘Ibraahiimal-Kitaaba  wal-Hikmata  wa  ‘aataynaahum-mul-kan  ‘aziimaa.


As this verse’s situation of revelation has been described that the Jews used to understand that the prophet-hood and lord-ship of the religion was their hereditary. Moreover, it should remain only in the dynasty of the children of Israel in every reign. Therefore, they used to comprehend their disgrace in obedience of last Messenger of Allah Almighty, Muhammad (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon him), and used to say that ultimately they would succeed in getting sovereignty and kingdom. Due to saying the above-mentioned words by the Jews, this verse was revealed, “Have the Jews any share in the Sovereignty and kingdom?” It means that certainly they have no share. These people are as much stingy that if they become ruler or king, then they will never give alms even equal to a seed of the sesame. That is to say; whenever they will get kingdom anywhere, they will not bestow on any beggar even equal to an atom.

Then Allah Almighty inquires, “Do the Jews grieve at the Bounty and the Liberality, which Allah Almighty bestowed upon Muhammad, His last Messenger (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon him) and His companions (sahaabah) (may Allah Almighty be pleased with them)? It is entirely their absurdity to envy for this purpose because We have bestowed upon the house of Abraham (peace be upon him) the Scripture and Wisdom, and We bestowed on them a mighty kingdom. Even now these all are held in His (Abraham - peace be upon him) house as the last Prophet (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon him) is from the descendants of Ishmael, who was too son of Abraham (peace be upon them). Then it is not lawful for the Jews to envy and deny upon it.

When it was manifested upon the Jews that Muhammad (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon him) was a True Prophet of Allah Almighty and Holy Qur’an is His Real Word, then it was better for them to believe in Allah Almighty, to embrace Islam and to become brothers of the Muslims instead of keeping malice and jealousy. But they were misled too much in the greed and avarice of worldly respect and honor, wealth and property that they did not care for the Commands of Allah Almighty. They used to burn in the fire of jealousy and avarice, to stand opposite upon the infidelity and denial, and to be exhausted of the friendship with the enemies of Islam. They also used to remain misers and do stinginess. How can be given the prophet-hood and the sovereignty to these like people?  

The Torment of the Hell
Infernal Torment 
Hell is Sufficient for Burning the Disbelievers
Disbelievers will be Exposed to the Fire
Ever Mighty and Wise is Allah Only
Surah Nisaaa’ (Women) - Chapter - 4)
Verses –55 & 56 of 176, Section – 8/24 (Part – 5)

55.  And of them were (some) who believed therein and of them were (some) who turned away from it. And Hell is sufficient for (their) burning.

56.  Lo! Those who disbelieve Our Revelations, We shall expose them to the Fire. As often as their skins are consumed We shall exchange them for fresh skins that they may taste the torment. Lo! Allah is Ever Mighty, Wise.
55.  Faminhum-man  ‘aamana  bihii  wa  minhuman- sadda  ‘anh.  Wa  kafaa  bi-Jahannama  sa-‘iiraa. 

56.  ‘Innallaziina  kafaruu  bi- ‘Aayaatinaa  sawfa  nusliihim  Naaraa.  Kullamaa  nazijat  ju-luuduhum  baddalnaahum  ju-luudan  gayrahaa  li-yazuuqul- ‘azaab.  ‘Innallaaha   kaana  ‘Aziizan   Hakiimaa.


Punishment for the infidels and disbelievers has been described in this verse. Allah Almighty has bestowed grandeur always to the dynasty of Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) and even now it is still in his family. The Fire of Hell is sufficient for him to burn, whosoever will not believe without grounds, only due to jealousy. It is impossible to escape and run away from that Fire.

In the previous verse, there was a description about the believer and disbeliever. In this verse, punishment for the disbeliever has been mentioned, so that the people incline towards the Faith and avoid from infidelity, they may draw attention toward their determined path after knowing about results of the deeds.  
Recitation regarding the Jews is being made. It is commanded that some of them embraced Islam and they entered in the list of Believers. There are some such people into them, who used to remain away from the path of truth. They did not believe at any cost. Bursting forth the Fire of Hell into flame is ready for such persons and it is sufficient for them.

Which type of torment will have to meet the disbelievers of the verses of Allah Almighty? Listen to (in the Words of) Allah Almighty, “We shall expose them to the Fire. As often as their skins are consumed We shall exchange them for fresh skins that they may taste the torment”. Blazing Fire of the Hell will reduce their skins to ashes but they will not die. Their skins will be exchanged by the fresh skins and they will taste the torment again and again. Their trouble and pain will not be reduced. ‘Al-’Amaan, ‘al-Hafiiz

Undoubtedly, Allah Almighty is Overcoming and Mighty. No difficulty comes before Him while punishing the infidels as much severely. He is Wise. To give such punishment to the disbelievers is very suitable in accordance with His Wisdom.  

Blessings of the Paradise
Favors in the Gardens
Joys of the Heaven
Good Things for the Believers
Pure Companions In Paradise for Believers
Surah Nisaaa’ (Women) - Chapter - 4)
Verses –57 of 176, Section – 8/24 (Part One-Fourth of – 5)

And as for those who believe and do good works, We shall make them enter Gardens underneath which rivers flow – to dwell therein for ever. There for them are pure companions – and We shall make them enter plenteous shade.
Wallaziina  ‘aamanuu  wa  ‘amilus-saalihaati  sanud-khilu-hum  Jannaatin-tajrii  min- tah-tihal- ‘anhaaru  khaalidiina  fiihaaa  ‘abadaa.  Lahum  fiihaaa  ‘azwaajum-mutah-harah,  wa  nud-khiluhum  zillan  zaliilaa.


After mentioning about the punishment and torment to the disbelievers (of the truth), now glad tiding of reward and retaliation for the persons who believed, has been described. It should impress on the mind that unavoidable condition with the Faith is ‘Righteous Deeds’. The words ‘amilus-saalihaati (Do good works) have been used nearly at every place in the verses of Holy Qur’an after the word ‘aamanuu (Believe) as it has been used in this verse. The same is the Truth that whose belief will be correct, his/her deeds will also be correct. How is it possible that a person has complete faith but one does not act upon it?

Jannaatin – its singular is Jannah, which means Garden (Paradise). Garden – the place, which is hidden by many trees. That is to say; such Garden, which has dense trees. It is the eternal favor (Paradise) of Allah Almighty, which will be residence of good disposition people. Its blessings will be evergreen and the life of the persons here will be perpetual. Neither the life (here) will face setting of the sun, nor end. The word ‘Abadan has been used only for the Paradise and its blessings.

‘azwaajum-mutah-harah – (pure companions, chaste women), the word mutah-haratun is from tahara. Tahaaratun and Tahuurun have also derived from this word, which means pure, clean and clear. Singular of ‘azwaajun is Zawjun that means a couple, a pair, a husband (or a wife). For example Zawjun-na’l (pair of shoes), like this zawj of a man is a woman. Therefore, it aims wife too. Paradise is a great blessing. Clean atmosphere, pure life of that place, and chaste wife or husband will be good companions there.

At the end of the verse Allah Almighty commanded that shadows of the Paradise will be plenteous (zillan  zaliilaa). That is to say, there will never be heat of the sun, scorching sunshine and the disaster of the warmth. On the contrary, the Believers and pious persons will find there comfortable, joyous and easy life. They will be pleased with Allah Almighty and He will be pleased upon them.

Faith, Equity and Fair Play 
God Almighty – Ever Hearer and Seer
Return of Deposits and Justly Judgment 
Things or Property Committed to the Trusty
Trust and Justice
Surah Nisaaa’ (Women) - Chapter - 4)
Verses –58 of 176, Section – 8/24 (Part – 5)

Lo! Allah commandeth you that ye restore deposits to their owners, and if ye judge between mankind, ye judge justly. Lo! Comely is this which Allah admonisheth you. Lo! Allah is Ever – Hearer , Seer.
‘Innallaaha  ya’-murukum  ‘an-tu- ‘addul- ‘amaanaati  ‘ilaaa  ‘ah-lihaa,  wa  ‘izaa  hakamtum  bay-nannaasi  ‘an-tah-kumuu  bil-‘adl.  ‘Innallaaha  ni-‘immaa  ya- ‘izukum-bih.  ‘Innallaaha  kaana  Samii-‘am- Basiiraa.

‘Al- ‘amaanaati – (The deposits), its singular is ‘amaanat. That is to say; the thing, which has been kept with someone for a few days, and after some days, that is returned surely on demand. Ameen is that undefiled person, who does not embezzle in the deposit, returns it on demand without any evasion and reduction.   

tu- ‘addul- ‘amaanaati   ‘ilaaa  ‘ah-lihaa – (ye restore (you should return the) deposits to their owners. tu- ‘addu (you would pay (return or restore). ‘ah-lihaa (to its owners), it means those people who are owners of this deposit, moreover, those persons who are correct commendable and deserving of the trust. Its aim is that the deposits should not be handed over to the unworthy persons. In this revolution of time, the ballot (vote) is a very big national trust. To vote any incapable or enemy of the religion and faith is not less than national dis-honesty.

It was manner of the Jews that they used to embezzle in the charge, used to support, show favor by taking bribe at the time of settling the disputes, and contradict the justice during finalization of the decisions. Allah Almighty has admonished the Muslims about both the badness in these verses. In this connection, it has also been narrated that when messenger of Allah Almighty (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon him) wished to enter the House of Allah on the day of victory of Mecca, at that time, Usman bin Talha was holding the key of the Masjidul-Haraam, and he denied to hand over the key and open the Door. Then Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) snatched the key from him and opened the Door. When Muhammad, Prophet of Allah Almighty (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon him) came out from the Masjid after necessary deed, then Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) requested the Beloved Messenger (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon him) to grant him the key. In this situation, above-mentioned verse was revealed and the key was returned to Usman bin Talha. About which order of Justice and returning of charge, Allah Almighty has instructed us, that is entirely for our own interest. Allah Almighty knows very well about our open and hidden, present and future affairs. Therefore, if it seems any time that restoring of the deposits is not convenient, then this thought should be ignored and command of Allah Almighty should be obeyed.

Second Instruction is regarding Justice. It is a great work, if neither the right, nor truth is left from the hands in the affairs, lawsuits and cases, and nor the justice is slaughtered. Justice is the spirit of Islam. Stability of the peace and the life of the world depend upon it.   

Transliterated Holy Qur’an in Roman Script & Translated from Arabic to English by Marmaduke Pickthall, Published by Paak Company, 17-Urdu Bazar, Lahore, Lesson collected from Dars e Qur’an published By Idara Islaah wa Tableegh, Lahore (translated Urdu to English  by Muhammad Sharif).

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