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And be careful of your duty to Allaah, and know that unto him ye will be gathered

Lessons 227 to 238

After The Hajj Devotions 
BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Verse –200a of 286, Section – 25 (Part  - 2)

And when ye have completed your devotions, then remember Allaah as ye remember your fathers or with a more lively remembrance.      
Fa-‘izaa  qa-zaytum ma-naasika-kum   
faz-kurullaaha kazikrikum-  ‘aabaaa-‘akum  
 ‘aw ‘ashadda  zikraa.


Qa-zaytum – (you have completed) this word has derived from the word Qazaa which means ‘to obey, to have completed, to carry out’ particularly after adoration (worship).

Ma-naasika-kum – (devotions of the Pilgrimage) ma-naasik means those customs and worship which belong to the Pilgrimage. In addition to ma-naasik these are also called Sha-‘aaa-‘ir (the Signs). This peculiar character is used only for Hajj Devotions.

It was the rule during the period of ignorance that the Pilgrims used to remain assembled in the plain of Minaa up to three days (10th, 11th and 12th of Zul-Hijjah after completion of the Pilgrimage, mention about their tribes and ancestors, talk about their greatnesses and virtues. They used to assert proudly their dynasty magnificence. What is the advantage of mentioning grandeur of the ancestors?

Allah Almighty gives excellence and grandeur to the human being; He is the Creator of the entire creatures, the Lord for bringing up, bestowing the wisdom, understanding and knowledge, intelligence, philosophy, nobility and greatness, so all kinds of praises and admirations should be peculiar for Him. Except Him singing songs of grandeur and greatness for any other person or thing and grading them as the worshipped is equal to the plurality.  

As you see that from where the recitation regarding the Pilgrimage has begun, from there it has been pressing on equation, fear of God Almighty, control of the passions, humility and purification of the soul continuously. It is being preached again and again for the remembrance of God Almighty, worship, repentance and begging mercy or grace. All persons are commanded to wear one kind of dress at the time of entering the limits of Haram. Then some lawful works are forbidden, which might intervene in this pathway. Many pleasant and favourite matters have been refrained. It has been ordered to say “Lab-baika  Allaahumma  Lab-baika  Lab-baika  Laa  Shariika  laka Lab-baika  ‘Innal  Hamda  wan-na’-mata  Laka  wal-Mulka  Laa Shariika laka”  (Here I am, O Allah! Here I am, here I am – there is no partner for You, Here I am. Verily all praise for You, and every bounty is from You, and all dominion is Yours – You have no partner) at each step. It has been admonished to remember successive the God Almighty. This characteristic of the worship is found only in Islam. 

We should listen these orders, commands and instructions of Allah Almighty with close attention, act upon them, modify our lives, abstain from the unlawful and illegal things, elevate His mention, invite the people towards the right path, grow God-fearing in ourselves, and establish an example becoming live pattern of advisable acts and good manners for the nations of the entire world.   

Desirous Of The World 
BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Verse –200b of 286, Section – 25 (Part  - 2)

But of mankind are those who say: “Our Lord! Give unto us in the world,” and they have no portion in the Hereafter.       
 Rabbanaaa  ‘aatinaa   
fid-dunyaa  wa  maa lahuu  fil-‘Aakhirati  min   


Some persons are found in the world on which lust of the world is so overcoming that they deem it only their perfect object. Near to them greatest success is to get material benefits more and more, put up in a heap of the gold and money, collect the wealth, influence and riches. They become blind in its quest. These desirous persons sacrifice their Hereafter and good end in this effort after falling into the trap of greediness and avarice.

Those people are involved in this disease who are mean in morality, impure in the affairs, selfish in their behaviors, deniers of the Doomsday and insane for the casual advantages. They look only the nearby profits always and ignore the durable results. They remain wishing of this thing in each deal from which they may get fruit immediately. They have no strength of patience and endurance. So they become too much cheerful in this effort and try that if they either do worship or beg also from the God Almighty or do any good work too then also in it they wish to get worldly advantages.

They call Allah Almighty only for the purpose that He should put up in a pile of the wealth and complete their material necessities. They take part in Jihad only for getting booty, perform the Pilgrimage only for folding up the commercial benefits, offer prayers and pay the poor-due to acquire confidence of the people and gain profit unlawfully from it. Near to them the Paradise and blessings of the Hereafter is nothing. They suppose the Resurrection Day as a useless faith. They think that the indisputable Life after death will never happen. They don’t believe on reward or punishment against good or bad deeds. The life is only in this world according to them and the success is only the worldly success.

They are involved in open depravity. They have chosen the manner of infidelity and hypocrisy. While it is the fact that this world is only abridged part of our successive lives. Remaining and forever life will become our fortune only after death. That life will be fruit of our good or bad acts which we shall do in this world. The life of Hereafter is eternal, durable, unchangeable and without end. Real success is that life’s rest and success. We should strengthen our world’s lives so, that it becomes stairs of success for our future lives (of Hereafter).       

Seekers Of The World And The Hereafter 
BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Verse –201 of 286, Section – 25 (Part  Ist Half of - 2)

And of them (also) are those who say: “Our Lord! Give unto us in the world that which is good and in the Hereafter that which is good, and guard us from the Doom of Fire.”        
Wa  minhum-many-yaquulu   
Rabbanaaa  ‘aatinaa  fid-dunyaa   
hasanatanw-wa  fil-‘Aa-khirati  hasanatanw-wa  qinaa  


In the previous verse recitation was about the persons who desire only the world (money, gold, wealth and property). As they don’t deny Allah Almighty, also don’t believe entirely the Hereafter. Their begging, prayers and requests remain limited only for improvement of this material world. Their intention of worship is only to get the advantages of the world. God Almighty told this punishment for them that they will not gain any kind of future reward of virtues on the Doomsday because what they wish and for which they try, they will get in the world. Now while they have gotten their object in the world then any thing will not come into their hands during the Hereafter.

In this lesson it has been stated about those Believers who have sound thought and right character, who believe on Hereafter, near to them the Day of Resurrection and Implementation mistakes will surely happen. So their sight is not only on the world but that is also on the Doomsday. So they don’t want only the world turning from the Hereafter and don’t do those works with which they may get advantages only for the world but reward for the Hereafter is removed. They consider about the good results in the matters, behaviors and social lives.

It has been disclosed from the word hasanatan that the Believer is the Seeker of the Good and the Excellence of the world and the Hereafter. In the world he begs for power to do good acts. He demands strength and ability for good actions and deeds through prayers and worship and begs for good fruit of his good acts in the Hereafter. He goes away taking the both (the World and the Hereafter) with him. He does higher courtesy and fine affairs, and makes provision for the Hereafter, and prays from the God Almighty, “Guard me from the Fire of Hell, make room for me in the Paradise and bestow me the success”. It is the standard of the best person that he keeps in view the world and the Hereafter in his life and the affairs of his life, and uses to fear from the Doom of Hell.

Bear in mind that Islam has told the competition of the world and the Hereafter but has not coped the religion and the world. Blessed are those persons who pass their lives likewise decorating along-with their Hereafter.    


Deeds Will Be Reckoned  
BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Verse –202 of 286, Section – 25 (Part  Ist Half of - 2)

For them there is in store a goodly portion out of that which they have earned. And Allah is Swift at reckoning.       
‘Ulaaa-‘ika  lahum   
nasiibum-mimmaa  kasabuu.   
Wal-laahu  Sarii-‘ul-hisaab.


We have recited about two kinds of the people in the previous verses of Holy Qur’an:

1.        Those persons who want each type of success only in the world. Their intention is only to get the wealth and property from their all deeds and worships. Neither have they faith on the Day of Resurrection, nor on the results of the second life. So they beg the fruit of their labour and endeavors in this world. These kinds of persons will not get any remuneration, compensation or rewards of their actions on the Doomsday.

2.      Who believe on Allah Almighty, on the Day of Resurrection and second life, don’t pray only for worldly magnificence as reward of their goodness, they do also the works with which their world and the End (both) may be arranged.  They will remain in comfort during the Hereafter as well as in this world. As though they keep their both lives at their own places, neither they sell the Hereafter for earning the world and nor seek the Hereafter leaving the world. Moreover they wish the success in both (the world and the Hereafter). They are eager to escape from the Fire of Hell. And they don’t entangle in those deeds for escaping from it which may cause to put them into the Hell.

The result of these second kind of persons has been mentioned in today’s verse. That is to say, “the good remuneration will be bestowed as recompense of these persons’ good acts”. They will be kept away from the Hell as they wish. They will be forgiven on mistakes and errors, the room will be made for them in the Paradise and they will see that after the life of the world there is also another life in the Hereafter. Wealth and valuables of the world are nothing against the tastes of that life. Facilities, honour and dignity of the world all are casual and transitory but comparatively the blessings of Paradise will be everlasting, peaceful and comfortable.  `   

Saying the word Sarii-‘ul-hisaab the God Almighty has warned those people who don’t believe the Hereafter and pray only for the world, that Allah Almighty is Swift at reckoning. The Hereafter is not at much distance. On that Day they will see that how much they remain in loss due to begging remuneration of their acts only for the world, forgetting the Hereafter. On the other side the God Almighty has pacified those persons with this sentence, who believe the Doomsday, and wish to get the success of this world as well as the Day of Resurrection. They have been told that they will get the entire remuneration of their good deeds. So they should remain matured on their passage. At first the God Almighty has mentioned the world and then recitation about supplication of the Hereafter has been stated. That is to say, Islam is not against the world, and moreover it desires that the works of the world should be done with the concept of the Hereafter.

Appointed Days Of The Pilgrimage
BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Verse –203a of  286, Section – 25 (Part - 2)

And remember Allah through the appointed days.
Waz-kurullaaha  fiii  ‘ayyaa-mim-ma’-duudaat.


‘Ayyaa-mim-ma’-duudaat – (some appointed days) ‘ayyaam is plural of the yawm which means ‘day’ and ma’-duudaat is from ‘adad (number, calculation). These two words signify towards the 10th, 11th and 12th the dates of Zul-Hijjah. Idiomatically these days are also named as ‘ayyaa-min tash-riiqTash-riiq means to cause to learn the sacrifice. The animals are sacrificed in these days.

As we have discussed earlier that all the Pilgrims remain in ‘Arafat with effect from Zohr prayer till before sunset on 9th Zul-Hijjah. They begin to return from there till the time of sunset, stay at night in Muzdalfah. Next day (on 10th Zul-Hijjah) they reach Minaa, which is four miles from Makkah Mo-‘azmah towards north-west. It was a plain during old times. Now a lot of strong and majestic buildings have been constructed here. During the days of Pilgrimage, the Pilgrims hire these buildings on very high rates and this place remains in full bloom. In these days very great market is fixed up. Every thing of the world can be gotten from this market. The Pilgrims remain here till evening of the 12th Zul-Hijjah, perform here many duties and follow the practice of the last Messenger of Allah Almighty (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon Him) relating to the Pilgrimage, for example – sacrifice the animals, shave their heads, throw the small stone balls over the Satans and untie their ‘Ihraam.

It has been commanded in this verse, “Remember the God Almighty as much as you can in these days, engage yourselves in His worship and remembrance. There is a particular form to remember Allah Almighty that each Pilgrim should throw seven small stone balls over the Big Stone (Jumrah ‘Uqbaa) along with saying ‘Allahu ‘Akbar on throwing each small stone ball on 10th of Zul-Hijjah.  The correct time for throwing the stone ball starts from the dawn of the day. Likewise throw seven small stone balls over all the three stones (Sha-yaa-tiin) one by one on 11th and 12th of Zul-Hijjah, but on those stones the small stone balls will be thrown after inclining of the sun. After that the Pilgrims are permitted to go to Makkah

As you saw that since the recitation about Hajj and its orders has begun, it has been emphasized again and again to remember Allah Almighty. Thus also the best source of satisfaction of the heart and purity of the soul is in remembrance of the God Almighty. And it has special relation with the Pilgrimage. From all around the world the people of different races and temperaments assemble here on one place. The difficulties of the journey, troubles of the foreign country, recollection of the birth place, separation from the family members, these entire are the matters from whom it is necessary to be confused of every person. In the gatherings like these, it is customary thing to entangle with each other, to be harsh and quarrel, but there is no chance of these matters during the Pilgrimage.

God Almighty commanded that the Pilgrims should pay attention on only one thing, forgetting the entire labors and that is “remembrance of Allah Almighty”, obey Him, remain busy in listening and causing to hear His Orders to others, remain engaged in His Praise, forget everything in abundance Praise of God Almighty.              

The Spirit Of The Goodness Is Piety
BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Verse –203b of  286, Section – 25 (Part - 2)

Then whoso hasteneth (his departure) by two days, it is no sin for him, and whoso delayeth, it is no sin for him; that is for him who wardeth off (evil). And be careful of your duty to Allah, and know that unto him ye will be gathered.    
Faman-  ta-‘ajjala  fii yawmayni  falaaa  ‘isma  ‘alayh.  Wa  man-  ta-‘akh-khara  falaaa  ‘isma  ‘alayhi,  li-manittaqaa.  Watta-qullaaha  wa’-lamuuu  ‘annakum  ‘ilayhi  tuh-sharuun.


It has been stated in the previous lesson that there are special three days of worship, which are called ‘Ayyaa-mi tash-riiq, that is to say the 10th, 11th and 12th of Zul-Hijjah. But if any person stays also after the 12th and prays the God Almighty, then it is no sin for him. And if any person sets on to Makkah after staying only two days, then it is also no sin for him.

The object to tell by this verse is that the actual this is piety (fear of God Almighty), to abstain from the things which are forbidden by Allah Almighty, remain at distance from unlawful things, not to seek any pretence and excuse in His obedience, keeping to make intention His pleasure, to act upon His Orders and induce others, to keep the Day of Resurrection in front, to believe the life after death and to arrange for it.

Some unsystematic-ness may happen due to certain compulsions in execution of lawful commands. But these compulsions will be accepted only of that person, who is punctual of honesty, chastity and abstinence. He doesn’t follow against the commands of Allah Almighty with violence and rebellion. It is clear that the person like this will never seek any pretence or excuse in obeying His Orders. The real thing which is required to be produced in the human being is piety. In its presence if any body falls in some littleness due to compulsion or poorness, then it can be forgiven.

The Holy Qur’an preaches for the God-fearing with nearly each command. So it has much importance in the life of the mankind. The object from the orders of Allah Almighty is to grow cleanliness, purity and excellence in the human life. But if in the presence of these specialties, any person is unable to obey the Orders then there is no sin for him.

The recitation about the Pilgrimage ends here.         

Opponents Who Swear
BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Verse –204 of  286, Section – 25 (Part - 2)

And of mankind there is he, whose conversation on the life of this world pleaseth thee (Muhammad), and he calleth Allah to witness as to   that which is in his heart; yet he is the most rigid of opponents.       
Wa  minan-naasi many-yu’-jibuka  qawluhuu  fil-hayaatid-dunyaa  wa yush-hidullaaha  ‘alaa  maa  fii  qalbihii,  wa  huwa  ‘aladdul-khisaam.


Wa  minan-naasi – (some people) it is not necessary that from the word ‘some’ it aims only one person. It may be one as well as many persons of the same nature.

Qawluhuu – (his conversation) that is to say; his claim that he is ready to sacrifice himself on Islam, he has much love with Islam.

Fil-hayaatid-dunyaa – (in the affairs of the life of this world) it is intended here to disclose from the word Fii that he has to achieve the world with his eloquence; speech, not the Hereafter. He tells the lies about worldly affairs, as though there is none wise and learned more than him.

Yush-hidullaahu – (he calls Allah to witness) namely he (sacrilegious) tries to cause to believe using God Almighty’s Name to express strong feeling. It aims from his making swear that he settles witness to Allah Almighty on his statement.

Before it we have recited about the Pilgrimage in which it was told that some unfortunate persons run behind the world. They are totally deprived of the good results of the Hereafter. But the pious persons beg for the world as well as for the Hereafter and ask for refuge from the torture of the Hell.

From this verse the recitation about unlucky and treacherous persons begins. They talk with sweet conversation. Apparently they speak with wisdom, but they are the most rigid of opponents and quarrelsome. The Grace of Revelation of this verse is mentioned that there was a person named ‘Akhnas bin Shareeq of Saqeef tribe. Openly he seemed much devouring sorrow and sympathizer of Islam. He used to claim through his tongue much love for Islam. He used to come in the conference of the Messenger of Allah Almighty (grace, glory, blessing and peace be upon Him) and used to claim much long and wide, used to swear in his discourse. But whenever he used to leave that place, then he used to begin backbiting and mischief, and thought plans to harm Islam. It seems apparently that this verse was revealed for that person. But it applies to all those persons, who have that nature. More signs of these kinds of hypocrites will be stated in the leading verses. Here specialty of the hypocrite has been told that he binds many claims with his tongue, causes to believe in words that he is a believer, but in fact he is the most rigid of opponents, keeps enmity with Islam and Its Followers, and tries to harm them.      

Causing The Mischief
BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Verse –205 of  286, Section – 25 (Part - 2)

And when he turneth away (from thee) his effort in the land is to make mischief therein and to destroy the crops and the cattle. And Allah loveth not mischief.          
Wa  ‘izaa  tawallaa  sa-‘aa  fil-‘arzi  li-yufsida  fiihaa  wa  yuh-likal-harsa  wan-nasl. Wal-laahu  laa yuhibbul-fasaad.


Tawallaa – (he turns away) here it has two meanings – to turn away or to become ruler. That is to say; while he goes away leaving the conference of the Messenger of God Almighty (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon Him), and according to the other meanings ‘he becomes ruler’. Some commentators of the Holy Qur’an have taken these meanings, that is to say; he becomes either officer of the state or the power is acquired by him anywhere.

Sa-‘aa – (effort, endeavour, exertion) this word means ‘to become zealous, to labour too hard, attachment of attempt. Here it aims to labour too hard for establishing mischief and raising badness.   

Fil-‘arzi – (in the country) ‘Arz means ‘the earth’. It is intended for bringing this word usually to disclose that the hypocrites establish mischief at a vast range, they introduce the badness up to very long distance. However with the use of al (Alif Laam) along with the word ‘Arz it may be signified towards a particular place, as the city of Madina, which remained the centre of the hypocrites during the period of Messenger of Allah Almighty (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon Him).

‘Al-harsa – (the crops) that is to say; the mischief makers ruined the crops and kindled them. Some commentators have aimed the women from this word and some others have included it to harm the religion.

‘An-nasl – (the life) in destroying the life, both the lives i.e. the lives of the mankind and the cattle are included. Some commentators (Mufassiriin) have taken here the meanings as only the human lives. Aggregately the slaughter and the plunder, both are included in this word’s meaning.

In the earlier verse it was told that apparently he claims the sympathy with Islam. But internally he is enemy of Islam. Then another thing that he tries to cause to believe on his truth swearing repeatedly Allah Almighty, witnesses the God Almighty in each matter. But in fact he is one of the most rigid of opponents. He tries to be entangled in each right affair and is enemy of the truth. His efforts are to harm Allah Almighty and His Prophet (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon Him).

Some more signs have been told about likewise people in this verse. Because they ignite the fire of mischief and quarrel in the country, produce disturbance, try to distribute the united nation in different groups, so that they may get their attention, they burn the crops, slaughter the cattle, commit the fornication, become guilty of the unnatural act, due to which breed of the human ruins.

False Dignity
BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Verse –206 of  286, Section – 25 (Part - 2)

And when it is said unto him: Be careful of thy duty to Allah, pride taketh him to sin. Therefore Hell will be sufficient for him. And certainly it is an evil-resting place.          
Wa  ‘izaa  qiila  lahuttaqil-laaha  ‘akhazat-hul-‘izzatu  bil-‘ismi  fa-hasbuhuu  Jahannam.  Wa  la-bi’-sal-mihaad. 


Another sign of the Hypocrites has been mentioned in this verse. Namely, tyrannize the people, false claiming, establish mischief and sedition, rebel and defy against Allah Almighty coming in their pride. When the people try to admonish them, “Come to the straight Path leaving the matters of mischief and disturbance, fear from the God Almighty, pass your lives in peace and comfort” then they become more zealous in mischief and sin to keep firm their false dignity and self made honor.

When the people say them, “Fear from Allah Almighty” then it strongly hits their pride. Their all palaces made of false desires and liar dignity drop down, so it divulges their secret and they doesn’t remain of anywhere. So to keep their dignity established they don’t care to disobey the Orders of God Almighty, tyrannize the people, and try to press the judgment of the people using every lawful and unlawful weapon. Allah Almighty has prepared the Hell for these kinds of people, where they will be thrown, they will be burnt there forever and suffer flavor of their pride.

The aims of the Divine Law of Islam are, “To normal the Justice, rest and Peace in the world, every person should have liberty to gain from the things created by Allah Almighty, the facilities may be gotten for acting upon the prescribed Guidance and Teachings revealed by the God Almighty and each human being may get his Right easily.

To achieve these all objects the Believer helps Islam, the Infidel stands in the way and the Hypocrite is likewise the serpent of the sleeve (enemy) that he keeps rigid enmity with Islam and shows the love with Islam from his apparently claims and liar statements. But he doesn’t cause to open his hearty enmity. So he will be punished more severely.

This Hypocrite puts the greatest hindrance in getting intentions of the Divine of Islam, doesn’t disclose his heart’s secrets, and remains earnest in mischief and quarrelsome, ruins the crops and slaughters the cattle. Really the concept of false dignity and self make honor is a great hindrance in the path of advice and warning.     

Wisher of The Pleasure of Allah
BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Verse –207 of  286, Section – 25 (Part - 2)

And of mankind is he who would sell himself, seeking the Pleasure of Allah. And Allah hath compassion on (His) bondmen.       
Wa minan-naasi many-yashrii naf- sahub-tigaaa-‘a Marzaatillah. Wallaahu Ra-‘uufum- bil-‘ibaad.


In this verse it has been explained about those true Believers who sacrifice even their lives for this purpose so that Allah Almighty would be pleased to them.

If the mankind thinks on this reality then he will know that the quarrels, in which he is involved, are worthless. Narrow minded people suppose that as much they have property and wealth, land and estate, the entire are their own. As much they will get more, all that would be their own also. They imagine that the worldly honor and dignity is the only object of theirs. To get these things in all respect is the greatest success. But they don’t see that firstly neither they have power over themselves, nor on their property which they have or which they get more. These entire worldly things will remain in the world and they have to expire. Isn’t it possible that their arms may be broken, paralyze their powers and fail their hearts and brains? Then why are these fighting, loot and booty, extortion, mischief and violation? Is it all for that life which has no surety? Is it for that dignity which has no foundation?

A believer knows these things and he understands that nothing is his own. But every thing is of the Creator Who gave him life, Who brought him up and made him able to get benefits from the blessings of the world. So every thing is of Allah Almighty and intention to use every thing is to seek the Pleasure of God Almighty. If the things bestowed by Him would be used in His path and to achieve His Pleasure, then what will we lose. If any thing will become less then He will give more. If our alone life on which we have no power, would be sacrificed to seek His Pleasure then what we will lose. The life given by Him who had to be end if that is sacrificed for Him then what will be better prodigal than it.

Jaan dii, dii huwii usii kii thii
Haq to yeh hai keh Haq adaa naa huwa

(I have sacrificed my life which was given by Him
Truth is it that the Right is not performed)

He is the most Kind and Loving on His slaves (human beings). A person can’t imagine His favors, blessings and Kindness. He cannot count His blessings. Alas! The person would think about this fact so that the gratitude and appreciation would be produced into him.

Enter Into Islam One And All
BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Verse –208 of  286, Section – 25 (Part - 2)

O ye who believe! enter, into   submission (unto Him) one and all; and follow not the footsteps of the devil. Lo! He is an open enemy for you.         
Yaaa –‘ayyu-hal-laziina  ‘aamanuud-khuluu  fis-Silmi  kaaaffah.  Wa  laa  tat—tabi-‘uu  khutuwaatish-Shay-taan.  ‘Innahuu  lakum  ‘aduw-wum-mubiin.


‘As-Silmi – (Islam) literal meanings of Salama are truce and peace. And this word comes opposite to war. The Commentators of the religion have taken the meaning of ‘as-Silmi here as Islam. The masters of the dictionary have also accepted this meaning of it.

Kaaaffah – (one and all, entire) origin of this word is kafafa which means ‘to stop’. Kaaaffah means ‘enter into Islam completely and obey the Islam in all respects.

Khutuwaati – (the footsteps) its singular is Khutuh, which means the footstep i.e. obedience and Compliance.  

Reason of the Revelation of this verse is that a few Jews embraced Islam but they also continued compliance the Jewish religion along with Islamic Divine, for example to consider the Saturday as a holy day, to deem the meat and milk of camel as forbidden and recite the Torah etc. Then some people used to make any false belief by themselves or consider sacred their any act and include their self made faiths in the religion along with the Islamic Divine. Allah almighty revealed this verse to stop obeying other orders along with the Islamic orders, and commanded that ‘enter, into submission (unto Him) one and all’. That is to say; neither make false beliefs yourselves, nor follow the myths, nor execute the other teachings and nor that any thing you do not like or that which seems difficult to you, not to believe in it.

Islam is neither only the name of a few beliefs, nor it is the collection of a few prayers (worships), but it is the most perfect, superior and fine code for the entire life. It guides in each field of life, fulfills all requirements of human nature, shows favor in orders keeping in view his weaknesses, guides rightly to reach the destination and instructs to get the supreme success of the religion and the world. So it is necessary to embrace Islam whole heartedly. Moral, social, economical and political means in every field of life, it is necessary to obey the Islamic laws.

The People who don’t do so, though they follow the devil’s footsteps even he is their open enemy. To hope for good from him is extremely foolish and ignorant. The Islam and the Infidelity can’t remain together. So either become completely the slaves of The Merciful otherwise you have to follow the footsteps of the Devil, which is the only loss forever.

Don’t Err Intentionally
BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Verse –209 of  286, Section – 25 (Part - 2)

And if ye slide back after the clear proofs have come unto   you, then know that Allah is Mighty, Wise.        
Fa-‘in- zalaltum-mim-  ba’-di maa jaaa-‘atkumul-Bayyi-naatu fa’-lamuuu ‘annallaaha ‘Aziizun- Hakiim.


‘Al-Bayyi-naatu – (the clear proofs) it means those orders and instructions which have no doubt and intricacy of any kind. For instance, having Faith to believe on One God (Allah Almighty), having Belief on the rightful of the Last Messenger of God Almighty (Muhammad’s truism) (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon Him) and the commands about the prayers. The entire orders of this kind had already reached the Jews and other groups.

Zalaltum – (you slide back) this word is from zallah which literally means ‘to reel, to stagger, to slip, to err. It happens also without discretion. So we have known from it too that to be misled due to forgetting can be cause of sin also. So the repentance is required to be forsworn.

 Aziizun – (The Mighty, The Powerful) it means the Entity who can punish while and whatever He wishes. It can be translated as The Dominant.

Hakiim – (The Wise) here its meaning will be ‘The Entity who punishes always at the right time and in this punishment, there is hidden a great advisability’, because He is The Wise.

It is the good luck of the human being that Allah Almighty established series of the Prophets (peace be upon them) with excellent Mercy and Kindness for his guidance. To show him the straight path and cause him embracing to success, Allah Almighty continued sending His Selected Prophets (peace be upon them) in different nations time to time. These Messengers (peace be upon them) used to show the right path to the people who forgot and caused to save the straying people from the whirlpool, improved their moralities and cleaned them from the filth. But the history of the world tells that unlucky persons violated them, sometimes exiled and sometimes killed them. They dug the pit hole for themselves at their own by behaving like this.

At the end Allah Almighty sent the Last Messenger (Muhammad) (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon Him). The Messenger of God Almighty (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon Him) explained the heavenly teachings to the people of the world, showed them acting on these teachings with His (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon Him) good attitude, proved by creating a group of righteous and respectable persons with His companionship and company that these are the clear orders of Allah Almighty. And the success can be gotten by acting upon them.

How much misfortune of the mankind is that in spite of getting so great dignity he deflects away from it, acts against it and becomes its enemy? These evil-doers will surely be punished. Because there is no reason and excuse remained for them now. The Argument of Allah Almighty has been established. None of them can say now that the True Religion didn’t come to us.

Transliterated Holy Qur’an in Roman Script & Translated from Arabic to English byMarmaduke Pickthall, Published by Paak Company, 17-Urdu Bazar, Lahore, Lesson collected from Dars e Qur’an published By Idara Islaah wa Tableegh, Lahore (translated Urdu to English  by Muhammad Sharif). 

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