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Beautified is the life of the world for those who disbelieve; and they make a jest of the believers. But those who keep their duty to God will be above them on the Day of Resurrection. And God giveth without stint to whom He will

Lessons 239 to 250

The Irrational Demand
BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Verse –210 of  286, Section – 26 (Part - 2)

Wait they for naught else than that Allah should come unto them in the shadows of the clouds with the angles? Then the case would be already judged. And all cases go back to Allah (for judgment).
Hal yanzuruuna ‘illaaa ‘any-ya’-tiya-humullaahu fii zulalim- minal-gamaami wal-malaaa-‘ikatu wa quziyal-‘amr.  Wa ‘ilallaahi turja-‘ul-‘umuur.


Allah Almighty granted different powers to the mankind, in which wisdom and understanding are also included, so that the human being may distinguish between the right and wrong, good and bad, and the oppression and justice. Apart from these powers Allah Almighty sent the Prophets (peace be upon them) for the guidance of the mankind and to prove their truth, He sent also different signs. So that looking these signs the person would believe in the Prophets (peace be upon them), think about their teachings and adopt the pathway to reach the God Almighty. In the signs of Allah Almighty firstly there are those signs which as if, talk at their own that these all things are created by the Creator who is Almighty, Wise, Omnipresent, Compassionate and Kind, for example creation of the universe, its management, its evolution, then arrangements for the necessities and satisfaction of the mankind.

Secondly the signs which reached through The Last Messenger (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon Him) unto us, for example His (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon Him) personal perfect Model of personality, His spotless character, His good attitude and His (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon Him) miracles, etc.

After going through these both kinds of signs the person’s wisdom demands that the faith should be embraced in Allah Almighty, Who is The Creator of the entire worlds and Who brings them up. If any person or group slides back from it then as he is waiting for that The God Almighty have to come personally in front of him with His Army of the Angles, and tell that ‘It is My order, accept it’. Looking out of this kind will end on ruin and destruction of these people. Because neither it has happened earlier and nor will happen. Allah Almighty gave wisdom and vision, and sent His signs after it. Now it has become obligation for the mankind to believe in them. If one neither considers these signs, nor uses his wisdom and understanding, then he will surely be destroyed because there is none reason remaining not to believe in Allah. Then the entire mankinds have to be present in the court of Allah. Because circumference of all the doings is upon the God Almighty and He will decide their matters.

Lesson From The Children Of Israel
BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Verse –211 of  286, Section – 26 (Part - 2)

Ask of the Children of Israel how many a clear Signs We gave them! He who altereth the Grace of Allah after it hath come unto him (for him), lo! Allah is Severe in punishment.
Sal  Baniii-‘Is-raaa-‘iila  kam  ‘aataynaahum-min  ‘Aa-yatim-bayyinah.  Wa  many-yubaddil  ni’-matallaahi  mim-ba’-di  maa  jaaa-‘at-hu  fa- ‘in-nallaaha  Shadiidul- ‘iqaab.


It has been declared earlier that the God Almighty and His Angels (peace be upon them) never came openly near the human beings, moreover Allah Almighty has sent always the Prophets and Messengers (peace be upon them) for the guidance of mankind out of them. In this verse this reality is being cleared from the history of the children of Israel. Namely ‘We gave many likewise signs to the children of Israel from which the truth of the existence of God Almighty, purity and teachings of His Messengers (peace be upon them) used to open’. But they put back all those signs. Allah Almighty honored them, but they proved as they were thankless. God Almighty bestowed a lot of kindnesses upon the children of Israel; some of them are being stated here briefly:

1.  They were set free from the oppression of the Pharaoh. The Pharaoh used to cause the slaughter of the children of Jews and keep their daughters alive, used to take hard labour from them, disgrace and ruin them in all respect. Allah Almighty escaped them from his tyranny.  

2.  A glorious Prophet named Moses (peace be upon him) was sent by Him into them, who brought them out from the slavery of the Pharaoh, fear and dominion of the Qabtiis.

3.  Drowned their enemy Pharaoh into the sea in front of them.  

4.  Kept them under the shadow of clouds during their period in the deserts of Sinai Valley, brought down Manna and Quail for their eating, flowed the springs of water.

5.  Revealed the Torah upon the Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) for their guidance.

6.  Settled them in the Country Palestine.

7.  Maintained a series of the Prophets (peace be upon them) in their race for a long time.

But despite all these favors the children of Israel followed their personal desires. They turned their faces from the Holy Book revealed by Allah Almighty, deviated from His Orders, they remained happy in arbitrary Business. Allah Almighty sent upon them different kinds of wrath as punishment for this disobedience, so that they come by the way. But even then their scholars changed the words and meanings of the orders of God Almighty, and made changes intentionally in the Holy Book. The public followed them blind. If these people will resist even now on their words and will not believe in the True and Last Speech of Allah Almighty “Holy Qur’an”, then remember! Allah Almighty is Severe in punishment and their end will be the same as it had of the previous nations.  

Don’t Make A Jest Of The Believers
BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Verse –212 of  286, Section – 26 (Part - 2)

Beautified is the life of the world for those who disbelieve; and they make a jest of the believers. But those who keep their duty to Allah will be above them on the Day of Resurrection. And Allah giveth without stint to whom He will. 
Zuyyina  lillaziina kafarul-hayaatud-dunyaa  wa  yas-kharuuna  minallaziina  ‘aamanuu.  Wallaziinat-taqaw  fawqa-hum  Yawmal-Qiyaamah.  Wal-laahu  yarzuqu  many-yashaaa- ‘u  bi-gayri  hisaab.


Reason of revelation of this verse is that the leaders of the Idolaters used to make a jest of the Muslims, suppose them contemptible. They used to make a jest of Hadrat Bilal, ‘Ammaar, Suhaib and other poor Companions (God may please with them) of the Messenger of God Almighty (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon Him) and say, “these stupid persons accepted the world’s calamities and difficulties on the thought of the Hereafter (we seek refuge in Allah), and look at Muhammad (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon Him) Who wants conquest over the powerful Arab leaders and chiefs with the assistance of these beggars, needy and poor people, and expects to correct the entire world with the help of these poor persons. This verse was revealed on the base of this buffoonery test and jest of these people.

They were told that it was ignorance and immaturity to think like this. They don’t know that these poor and distressed people will be superior and excellent than these leaders on the Day of Judgment. To whom Allah Almighty wishes, bestows him uncountable livelihood. So there came a day that these poor people upon whom the infidels made jokes, got the wealth of Banu Qureza and Banu Nuzair. And Allah Almighty bestowed them reign over two major kingdoms of that times - Iran and Rome, and gave then worldly leadership, wealth and sovereignty.  

It has been often seen that the rich persons and leaders who are deniers of Allah Almighty, they take pride in their wealth and think that they will purchase every thing of this world, and will conquer every power of the world with their wealth. Due to this pride and arrogance these people make a jest of the poor, honest and truth-lovers. To them wealth is the only sign of the nobility and the state. To them superiority of the morality and purity of the character is nothing. But they don’t know that the wealth is a moving shade, it is a passing shadow, sometimes hither and sometimes thither, and it has no stopping place. The thing on which one hasn’t power and control and which would be temporary and instable, to take pride in this extent is unprofitable and useless.
The real thing is goodness and abstinence. It is the greatest wealth. On The Day of Judgment the best reward will be bestowed in its exchange and all the rich and deniers will be overwhelmed on that Day. They will drown in the ignominy and disgrace and will repent on their deeds. How much it would be good if these persons would understand that Allah Almighty gives livelihood to creature. He can give it to the honest people after snatching from them. They shouldn’t make a jest of the poor and needy persons. They should attend to correct their own Hereafter. May God Almighty guide us so that we don’t say any thing wrong from our mouths. Aameen.

One Community
BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Verse –213a of  286, Section – 26 (Part - 2)

Mankind were one community, and Allah sent (unto them) Prophets as bearers of good tidings and as warners, and revealed therewith the Scripture with the truth that it might judge between mankind concerning that   wherein they differed.   
Kaanan-naasu  ‘um-matanw-waahidah.  Faba-‘asal-laahun-nabiyyiina  Mubash-shiriina  wa  Munziriin;  wa  ‘anzala  ma-‘ahumul-Kitaaba  bil-haqqi  liyahkuma  banyan-naasi  fiimakh-talafuu  fiih.


‘Um-matanw-waahidah – (one community, one nation) ‘um-mat means a religious sect or creed. This word has come into use many times ago.

God Almighty commanded that the entire children of Adam (peace be upon Him) were one community in the beginning. They all had one religion. They were established on Oneness of God. Whenever any misunderstanding used to grow in their beliefs, then the Prophets (peace be upon them) were used to send by God Almighty as bearers of good tidings and warners, and they used to sweep their differences. 

As though, their thought that, “nobody knew about the true religion in the beginning and for reaching the present ‘Oneness of God’ it has passed through many stages”, is baseless.

Faba-‘asa – (then He sent) here Fa aims ‘after a long time’ that is to say when the absurd radicals had invented uncountable faiths and religions, and the contradictions increased between them.

Mubash-shiriina – (the bearers of good tidings) its origin is bashara which means ‘happy news, glad or good tidings’. Those persons, who embrace the Divine law, cause to hear the happy news.

Munziriin – (the warners) it aims that the Prophets (peace be upon them) were sent to warn the persons who deny and rebel against the laws given by Allah Almighty.    

Liyahkuma – (that it might judge between the mankind) that is to say ‘The God Almighty might decide through these Prophets’ (peace be upon them).

Only one religion has been coming with effect from the Prophet Adam (peace be upon him). The people put difference in this religion after some time, then Allah Almighty sent the Prophets (peace be upon them) from time to time, who used to cause to hear the good tidings of rewards to the Believers and warn the Infidels from the ignominy, and He revealed also the True Books (Scriptures), so that the differences and strives may be swept, and the true religion may escape from their differences.   

Religious differences
BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Verse –213b of  286, Section – 26 (Part - 2)

And only those unto whom (the Scripture) was given differed concerning it, after clear proofs had come unto them, through hatred one of another. So Allah by His Will guided those who believe unto the truth of that concerning which they differed. And Allah guideth whom He will unto a straight path.
Wa  makh-talafa  fiihi ‘illallaziina  ‘uutuuhu  mim- ba’-di  maa jaaa-‘at-humul-bayyinaatu  bagyam- baynahum.  Fahadallaa- hullaziina  ‘aamanuu  li-makhtalafuu  fiihi  minal-Haqqi  bi-‘iznih.  Wallaahu yahdii  many- yashaaa-‘u ‘ilaa    Siraatim- Mustaqiim.


‘Allaziina ‘uutuuhu  (to whom it was given) to whom means, “Those people who were given the Holy Books through the Prophets (peace be upon them), particularly the leaders and Spiritual Guides of those communities because these persons used to take the people towards the deviation and people just followed them”.

Bagyam- baynahum – (due to bigotry of one another) here it has been cleared that the real cause of differences and conflicts was hatred between one another and carnal-ness. And it wasn’t at all the reason that there was something wrong in the orders of Allah Almighty.  

Bi-‘iznih – (by His Will) in the Holy Qur’an the word Azan has been used for the both meanings i.e. the order and the permission. Here it means favour and strength from The God Almighty.

It has been told in this part of the verse that after coming the Prophets (peace be upon them) and revelation of the Holy Books, these were the persons who differed, who were given the Scriptures. For example the leaders and Spiritual Guides of Christians and Jews used to make differences in Torah and Gospel, change their meanings and do arbitrary in the paraphrase and explanations of these Scriptures at their own. They didn’t do all these differences unintentionally. But they did so for bigotry, jealousy of one another and greed of the worldly wealth and property.

In these situations the people who were seekers of the Faith and who had the ability of Belief, Allah Almighty guided them to the straight path with His Mercy and Blessing, bestowed them the strength to follow it, and saved them from the contradictions of the misled. It is also known from this verse that it is the custom of the world that the bad people make differences and remain earnest to do so. Therefore, the Believers shouldn’t follow them. Moreover they should act according to the guidance and teachings of Prophet of Allah Almighty (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon Him). The Guidance is that which has given by the God Almighty and the success will be gotten by acting upon that manner which Allah Almighty has told.

Moments Of Trial
BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Verse –214 of  286, Section – 26 (Part - 2)

Do ye think that ye will enter Paradise while yet there hath not come unto you the like of (that which came to) those who passed away before you? Affliction and adversity befell them, they were shaken as with earthquake, till the messenger (of Allah) and those who believed along with him said: When cometh Allah’s help? Beware! Surely Allah’s help is nigh.
‘Am hasibtum ‘an- tad-khulul-Jannata wa lammaa ya’-tikum-masa-lullaziina khalaw min- qablikum. Massat-humul- ba’-saaa-‘u wazzar-raaa-‘u wa  zul-ziluu hattaa ya-quular-Rasuulu wallaziina ‘aamanuu ma-‘ahuu mataa nasrul-laah. ‘Alaaa ‘inna nasrallaahi qariib.


In this verse Allah Almighty has commanded that it is necessary for the mankind to compete the hardness, calamities and difficulties for getting betterment and success. It isn’t right to hope for success without bearing difficulties and hardships and passing through the test. The greatest goodness has been declared as the Paradise in this verse and told that too much great blessing cannot be gotten without hard work. The pathway of the goodness and Paradise has been made too much difficult that it might be known that ‘who has the demand and yearning for it?’ Who will have its real quest; he will try his best using the entire powers and strength which Allah Almighty has bestowed him for this purpose. He will be ready to sacrifice his everything for this. Moreover the people, who will get their purposes passing through the hard paths, they will understand also its real value.

Allah Almighty has proved by giving the reference of the previous communities that the successors have faced always the hardships and difficulties because the enemies of Allah Almighty and keeping enmity of the goodness lack never anything to torture these Believers. They leave them after making helpless and poor, and tyrannize them at the extent that the Prophet (peace be upon him) and His Believer Companions call, “O Allah! Now it is the end of the limit of their torture, when Your help will come?”

Allah Almighty has promised these Believers that His help shall come surely but there is a fixed rule for this help, at first the people are tested, when they remain sticking with throughout patient and steadfast, then finally Allah Almighty gives them success and the enemy of righteousness falls in the humility and is ruined.

Where Should Be Spent
BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Verse –215 of  286, Section – 26 (Part - 2)

They ask thee, (O Muhammad), what they should spend. Say; that which ye spend for good (must go) to parents and near kindred and orphans and the needy and the wayfarer, and whatsoever good ye do, lo! Allah is aware of it. 
Yas-‘aluunaka  maazaa  yunfiquun.  Qul  maaa  ‘anfaq- tum-min  khayrin- falil-waali-dayni  wal- ‘aqrabiina  wal- yataa-maa  wal-masaakiini  wab-nis-sabiil.  Wa  maa  taf- ‘aluu  min  khayrin- fa- ‘innallaaha  bihii  ‘Aliim.


Khayrin – (wealth, goods, property etc.) each type of goodness is included in the word khayrin i.e. bodily or financial, big or small, but it also means good earning and the wealth. And here meaning of Khayrin is the wealth.

In this verse it has been mentioned that the Muslims asked from The Messenger of God Almighty (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon Him), “what they should spend?” Allah Almighty commanded that they should spend how much they want out of their good earnings and the pure wealth, beside this Allah Almighty told about the people upon whom the wealth should be spent:

1.      waali-daynifirst right is of our parents out of our wealth. Alas! Now a days the well to do, the married and the well earner youngsters don’t recognize the right of their parents.

2.      ‘Al- ‘aqrabiinaafter the parents comes the right of the near kindred (close relatives). How much great rule Islam has given that the charity and goodness should be started from the nearest relatives and supplied it far away.

3.    Wal- yataa-maa: You should take care and train them becoming the shadow over their heads, which are deprived of the shadow of their parents. The Messenger of Allah Almighty (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon Him) has commanded too much rights of the orphans and fixed it a great virtue to serve them.

4.    Wal-masaakiinithose weak and disabled people who are excused to earn.          

5.      Wab-nis-sabiil:  fifth rank is of the needy wayfarers.

Order Of Warfare
BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Verse –216a of  286, Section – 26 (Part - 2)

Warfare is ordained for you, though it is hateful unto you.
Kutiba ‘alaykumul-qitaalu wa huwa kurhul-lakum.


We have discussed this matter earlier with detail that the source of our guidance is only Islam. Islam has complete rules under practice for our lives. If any person accepts any other religion turning his face from It, then he will turn away from the real destination, will surrender himself to destruction going astray. Because meaning of deflecting away from Islam is that the person will ruin the peace and security, will spread mischief and violence, will tyrannize others and violate their rights.

Allah Almighty has ordered the Muslims to fight against all those people who turn away from Islam, remain earnest in spreading evil and mischief, engage in conspiracies and depravities because they are the enemies of Islam and ruin the peace. Kill them because only the end of those people can become the cause of improvement of Islam and prosperity of the universe of the world.

The Messenger of Allah Almighty (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon Him) was ordered for warfare after the migration from Makkah to Madina while He had to establish the base of new state, preach for Islam openly and had to bring a new society in existence according to the guidance of Allah Almighty, but at that time the Muslims were weak and helpless, deficient in numbers, didn’t had the equipment of warfare and were in the seizure of the worst condition and anxiety. Therefore it was necessary to undergo invasive naturally the order of warfare. So they were told that whether the warfare would be how much hateful to them but they had to do their duty.    

The most precious thing for the mankind is his life. Its end is felt by him unlike and unpleasant. It is common in the warfare leaving one’s life, loss of lives. But Allah Almighty informed that far-reaching results and benefits of this warfare are a lot which will result afterward. Therefore if the unpleasantness is borne temporarily and the loss is endured, then its result will be much sweet and superior. We should obey the orders of Allah Almighty without hesitation and caring for the favorite things of the world,. We should earn the pleasure of Allah Almighty by sacrificing our lives, our children and wealth.

Love And Hate Of The Mankind
BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Verse –216b of  286, Section – 26 (Part - 2)

And it may happen that ye hate a thing which is good for you, and it may happen that ye love a thing which is bad for you. And Allah knoweth, and ye know not.
Wa  ‘asaaa  ‘an- takrahuu  shay-‘anw-wa  huwa  khayrul-lakum.  Wa  ‘asaaa  ‘an- tuhibbuu  shay- ‘anw-wa  huwa  sharrul-lakum.  Wal-laahu  ya’- lamu  wa  ‘antum  laa  ta’- lamuun.      


‘Asaaa – (it may happen, perhaps) it is possible, it may be.

In the first part of the verse God Almighty ordained for warfare and commanded that apparently the slayer seems bad to you but there is no resource without it for the life of the community and exaltation of the nation.

Now to clear this subject, it is being commanded in a very good and unique manner:
“And it may happen that you hate a thing which is good for you, and it may happen that you love a thing which is bad for you.” Its evidence is that, you don’t know about your well and worse. You don’t know, “what is better for you and what is bad. However The Creator knows very well that what is better and what is bad. While it is the reality then do that whatever He says and which He orders. There is kind and good for you in it.

There is no doubt the most difficult thing in this world is to endanger one’s life and property, and these both fears exist in the warfare. The human being can’t be ready to sacrifice these precious things i.e. the life and property easily. However, if he would know that this life and the entire paraphernalia of this life are casual, and the immortal life and permanent comfort will be bestowed after it, then these things doesn’t value to the human being.

Secondly, if the mankind would have sure that his Creator knows better about his profit and loss than him, moreover he doesn’t have any knowledge. The entire wisdoms and the goodness are in His control and whatever He says, that all is for his favour. In this form a person will be ready to sacrifice either it is his life and property or any other most precious thing. And at that time nothing will get any value to him.

Warfare In The Sacred Months
BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Verse –217a of  286, Section – 27 (Part - 2)

They question thee (O Muhammad) with regard to warfare in the sacred months. Say: Warfare therein is a great (transgression).
Yas-‘aluunaka ‘anish- Shahril-Haraami qitaalin-fiih. Qul qitaalun-fiihi kabiir.


‘Ash-Shahrul-Haraamu – (the sacred month) Lunar year has four sacred months; Muharram, Rajab, Zi Qa'dah and Zil-Hajjah. These months were considered very blessed and pure by the Arabs. Even the killing, devastation and militancy were their occupation, but they used to stop every kind of warfare during these four months. Here the month of Rajab signifies particularly towards ‘ash- Shahrul-Haraamu.

Cause of revelation of this verse is that in the 2nd Hijrah once during the journey, a warfare took place between some Companions (may God be pleased with them) of the Holy Messenger (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon Him) and Idolaters, and one Idolater was killed in the war. To these companions this warfare was fought on 30th of the month of Jamadi-as-saani which wasn’t a sacred month, but after that it was known that the moon of Jamadi-as-saani had become of 29 days, and on which the warfare was fought, that was 1st of Rajab which was a sacred month.

To this error which happened unknowingly, the Infidels and Idolaters extended this news very much and began taunting, “See! Now the Muslims don’t respect these months. They have begun the warfare also in the month of Rajab.” Due to this reason, those Companions attended the court of the Prophet (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon Him) and asked, “It is happened unintentionally. What we have to do now”. Then this verse was revealed and the Muslims were told that the warfare is a worse thing during the sacred months but it is; when the sin is done intentionally and having the knowledge of the sacred months the warfare is fought. And this battle which the Muslims fought wasn’t fought intentionally but it was their misunderstanding.
The Scholars agree upon this matter that even now whenever the Infidels will begin fighting in the sacred months then the Muslims can fight counter and defensive war to save them, can react on their attack because the human lives are more sacred than the sanctity of these months. It is more necessary to save them. Although to fight in these sacred months is worse but the worst things are those which are done by the Infidels. For example, they don’t believe in Allah Almighty, do worship of more gods instead of the One, do not believe in the Last Day (the Day of Resurrection), spread the sedition and quarrelsome, and exile the people from their houses, because these things are more worse and horrible than the warfare. The Infidels don’t be attentive on their doings themselves. They began taunting the Muslims upon a little unknowingly error.

These matters have been discussed in the next part of this verse which you will read in the next lesson. The Infidels and idolaters don’t see their own behavior but entangle with the Muslims. They are taunting on an unintentional mistake.

Behavior Of The Infidels
BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Verse –217b of  286, Section – 27 (Part - 2)

But to turn (men) from the Way of Allah, and to disbelieve in Him and in the Inviolable Place of Worship, and to expel His people thence, is a greater with Allah; and persecution is worse than killing.  
Wa  saddun  ‘an- sabiilillaahi  wa  kufrum-bihii  wal-Masjidil-Haraami  wa  ‘ikh-raaju  ‘ahlihii  minhu  ‘akbaru  ‘indallaah.  Wal-fitnatu  ‘akbaru  minal-qatl.


Sabiilillaahi – (the Way of Allah) its aim is Islam. It is the chosen path of the God Almighty. The human being can decorate his World and Hereafter by moving on this pathway.

We have studied in the previous lesson that once in warfare a few Muslims killed an Infidel. It was happened unknowingly during a sacred month. The Infidels reproached and taunted them on it. Allah Almighty has commanded in these verses that although it is sin to fight during any sacred month, but those sins are comparatively bigger which are done by these Infidels. Some kinds of sins are being submitted in today’s lesson.

Saddun  ‘an- Sabiilillaahi – (to turn (men) from the Way of Allah) that is to say “to prevent the people from embracing Islam and torture them with cruelty who have embraced Islam, to threaten them who intend to embrace Islam”. The Infidels of Makkah used to do all these evils. They used to forbid the people to believe in the Messenger of Islam (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon Him). They used to beat them and lay them down on the hot stones who embraced Islam. They used to prevent them from leaving the Makkah who wished to move away from this sacred Place.    

Kufrum-bihii – (to disbelieve in Him) second sin which the Infidels used to do, was “atheism from Allah Almighty, refusal from His Existence and Virtues”.

‘Al-Masjidil-Haraami – (the Inviolable Place of Worship) Khana Ka’-ba – this House of Allah Almighty was only for worship, but the Infidels had put in it uncountable Idols. The Muslims wished to make it the House of Oneness of The God Almighty, but the Infidels used to prevent them to enter in this Inviolable Place of Worship and hindered them from doing worship.

‘Ikh-raaju  ‘ahlihii – (to expel the people from Makkah, who were its residents) the Infidels of Makkah tyrannized and oppressed the Muslims as much that they were compelled ultimate to leave Makkah. These poor and helpless Muslims took refuge in Madina leaving behind their families, and ran away to save their lives giving up their entire family members and properties. How big this sin is which was committed by the Idolaters of Makkah?  

‘Al-fitnatu – (the persecution, mischief, sedition, plundering and turning the people from true religion) the Infidels of Makkah had been creating these entire evils but they did not consider them as their crimes. Allah Almighty commands, “Killing is reasonable in all respect while the situations arise so”.     

Attempts Of The Idolaters
BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Verse –217c of  286, Section – 27 (Part - 2)

And they will not cease from fighting against you till they have made you renegades from your religion, if they can.    
Wa  laa  yazaaluuna  yuqaatiluuna-kum  hattaa  yarud-duu-kum  an- Diinikum  ‘inis- tataa-‘uu. 


It has been cleared openly in this verse that till the time the Muslims will remain firm on the religion of Allah Almighty, the Idolaters and Infidels will continue opposing them in all respect. They will not leave any stone unturned to humiliate in each situation and at every time, desiring they either get this opportunity in the limits of Haram or during the sacred and pure month, as they did so at the time of        Hudaybiyah. At that time they did not care for any respect and blessing, were prepared to kill or die due to enmity and envy with only the Muslims. And they prevented the Muslims to go to Makkah and to perform the Pilgrimage (Umrah). So it should not be cared if these types of the enemies of Islam reproach and taunt the Muslims. The Muslims should not wait to kill them due to only the sacred month.

It is also evident from this verse that how much the Idolaters of Makkah were displeased from Islam and how much they were enemy of the Truth and the Right. They were insistent with every possible strength and plan that the Muslims should turn away from their religion; they were trying their best to prevent the people from embracing Islam, compel them to believe in the false and old faiths, establish them to do worship of the Idols, and if possible, erase the name and sign of the Islam. 

Here is a question that, “Why the Infidels and Idolaters were too much opponent of Islam? Why were they pursuing to finish It? Why did they see the beliefs of the Muslims with bad sight? Why did they hate the teachings of Islam?

There are the answers of above mentioned questions that they had made their religion, their politics and their culture according to their manners at that time. Their aims and purposes were limited only up to their own welfare and wellbeing. They wished to retain the traditions of their own society. Contrary to this the Islam delivered the message of accomplished equality and global development, provided equal rights to every person being the mankind, refused to accept the existence of any particular interested society. So those all persons who conceived at the limited scale and who were miserly and selfish, they prepared themselves for enmity and malice.

How the false could stay in front of the true? How the darkness might remain after coming in the Light? Those people drowned themselves in their own folly and enmity, and stood the rightful of punishment forever. They were unlucky in this world and also became deserving of the Hell on the Day of Resurrection.

Transliterated Holy Qur’an in Roman Script & Translated from Arabic to English byMarmaduke Pickthall, Published by Paak Company, 17-Urdu Bazar, Lahore, Lesson collected from Dars e Qur’an published By Idara Islaah wa Tableegh, Lahore (translated Urdu to English  by Muhammad Sharif).

Torment for disbelievers - Quran Chapter 18 – 29b (Pt-15, Stg-4) (L-1877) درس قرآن

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