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Say: Unto Allah Belong the East and the West. He Guideth Whom He Will unto a Straight Path

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LESSON # 143 FROM HOLY QUR’AN BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow) Qiblah Of The Muslims Verse –142 of 286, Section – 17 (Part  - 2)
And the foolish of the people will say: What hath turned them from the qiblah which they formerly observed? Say: Unto Allah belong the East and the West. He guideth whom He will unto a straight path. SA-YAQUULUS-SUFA-HAAA-‘U  minan-naasi maa wallaahum ‘an- Qiblati-himul-latii kaanuu ‘alayhaa. Qul-lil-laahil-Mashriqu wal-Magrib. Yahdii many-yashaaa-‘u ‘ilaa Siraatim- Mustaqiim.
As-Sufa-haaa-‘u  minan-naas – (the foolish of the people) Sufa-haaa is plural of the word safiah that means childish, low, stupid, foolish. So aim of the As-Sufa-haaa-‘u  minan-naas is the people who protest and criticize the Orders of the God Almighty. Here it is indicated towards the children of Israel.
Qiblah – The thing which is in front, that is to say, the direction and place tu…