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Find Here True Way, Recite This Chapter for Every Need and Illness

Praise belongs to Allah, Who is Sufficient for us. And, may glory, grace, blessings and peace be upon His last Messenger Muhammad. Fa-‘uu-zu  Billaahi minash-Shay-taanir- Rajiim. Bis-Millaahir-Rah-maanir-Rahiim. Assalaam o Alaikum wa RahmatUllah i wa Barakatuhuu.

Attention please! Before touching the Word of God it is compulsory for the Muslims to do Ablution and for non-Muslims to take bath with its conditions i.e. to do gargle, to pour the water into the nose and to cause to flow the water on the entire body until that no hair remains dry.

Aamiin Yaa  Rabbal-Aalamiin

Transliteration in Roman Script & English Translation of Holy Qur’an written by Marmaduke Pickthall, Published by Paak Company, 17-Urdu Bazar, Lahore and Paraphrase (Lessons in Urdu) have been taken from Dars e Qur’an published By Idara Islaah wa Tableegh, Lahore (translated by Muhammad Sharif) 



And when thou ecites the Qur’aan, seek refuge in Allah from Satan the outcast.
Fa-`izaa qara’-tal-Qur-`aana fasta-‘iz  billahi minash-Shaytaanir-   Rajiim.


Out of the creatures of Allah Almighty, there is also a creature, which is called Satan (Devil). He has been born from the fire. When a competition took place between the Angels and Adam (peace be upon them) and Adam (peace be upon him) won the Test, God Almighty ordered the Angels to bow in front of Adam (peace be upon him). So the entire Angels bent their bodies and placed their foreheads on the ground in front of Adam (peace be upon them). But the Satan denied bowing because he had disease of pride in his heart. When he was asked, he replied, “I have been born from the fire and Adam (peace be upon him) from the Mud. So I am better than He. How fire can bow in front of mud?” Hence, due to his pride the Satan was determined outcast forever and till the Day of Resurrection he was fixed as cursed. Now the Satan decided to take revenge of his disgrace. Any how he put Adam (peace be upon him) and his wife, Eve, out of the Heaven and proclaimed that he would try to misguide the children of Adam (peace be upon him) till the Day of Judgment. It means that the Satan is our real enemy forever. So our Lord (Allah Almighty) ordered us to recite like mentioned above before recitation. The Last Messenger Hadrat Muhammad (may glory, grace, blessings and peace be upon Him) guides us that Satan produces effects in your constitution like the blood circulates in your bodies. Satan looks the people but the people neither can look him and nor they can save themselves from the attack of Satan easily. So everybody must seek refuge from the effects of Satan. It is included in the respects of recitation of Holy Qur’an that whenever anyone out of you begins to recite, he should recite first of all, ‘A-‘uu-zu  billaahi minash-Shay-taanir- Rajiim (I seek refuge in ALLAH from Satan the outcast). So that our Master will take us in His refuge and Satan may not get chance to mislead and allure us in this kind act. Essence of the meanings of Verses may change with wrong interpretation. O Allah Almighty! Save us from each kind of depravity.

Section – 1 (Part 1)

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

Three names have been mentioned in this verse:

1. Allah is a name which is used only for Him. No other body can be called with this name.  It is His personal name. Allah is the Life who created the entire universe, like earth, skies, rivers, Mountains, vegetation, minerals & fossils, moon, sun, star etc. Moon and stars twinkle with His Power. Birds fly with His order. HE causes to rain and grows all kinds of productions.

2. Rahmaan (The Beneficent) is His acquired name. It is a declaration of His common Pity that He feels pity over His entire creature. His air, rains and other kindnesses are equal for all, good and bad. He bestows us a lot of precious gifts without requesting.

3. Rahiim (The Merciful) is 2nd acquired name of Allah and declaration of His particular mercy. He grants particular rewards to His servants. He increases 70 steps in exchange for goodness.

In the sayings of Messenger (peace be upon Him) of Allah it comes that whenever He (peace be upon Him) began any work, first of all He, The Messenger (peace be upon Him) recited Bismillahir-Rahmaanir-Rahiim.

Whenever we have to start any work with His name, then, as though we are using to say that my heart is pure, my intention is sincere, my cause is higher, I am servant of only Allah and displeased from infidelity.

While Allah is The Beneficent and The Merciful, then we should trust on His mercy. We should not lose the spirit, we should not withdraw cowardly. When we shall trust in Allah like this, then we shall succeed in every field of work. So the Messenger  (peace be upon Him)  guided us ,”If  on beginning of any work Bismillaahir-Rahmaanir-Rahiim is not recited, then God’s prosperity would not include in that work and resultantly heart of the person would not satisfy from it.

We begin the lessons from Holy Qur’an in the name of Allah Almighty. His help and support will surely with us and we shall succeed in our lives.  

Section – 1 (Part 1)


It is also called Faatiha-tul-Kitaab, “The Opening of The Scripture, Ummul’l-Qur’an and The Essence of The Qur’an, as it is variously named, has been called The Lord’s Prayer of the Muslims. It is also named as Sura-tul-Shifa as recitation of this Surah results physical and spiritual restoration of health. Allah Almighty has taught his Servants to beg from Him. If we wish to narrate the Abstract of Holy Qur’an, then we shall say in this manner that there are three main subjects in the Holy Qur’an, which are narrated repeatedly:-

1       The Skies, The Earth and everything is created by the God Almighty. He has no relative, no partner, no co-sharer and no confederate. He is One and all things are looked after and brought up by Him.

2       Each mankind will be responsible himself for his acts and all the persons will be present in The Court of God Almighty, where, their acts will be examined and they will be rewarded or awarded according to their acts, done in this life.
3       The Messengers of God Almighty (peace be upon them) were sent in all parts of the world, who told the people difference between the right and the wrong paths. They instructed the mankind for goodness.   

This Surah is an essential part of all the Muslims’ worships, public and private, and no solemn contract or transaction is complete unless it is recited. The date of revelation is uncertain, but the fact that it has always, from the very earliest times, formed a part of Muslims’ worships, there being no record or remembrance of its introduction or of public prayer without it, makes it clear that it was revealed before the fourth year of the Prophet’s mission (may glory, grace, blessings and peace be upon Him) because we know certainly that at that time regular congregation prayers were offered by the little group of Muslims in Makkah. During that year, due to insult and attack, by the idolaters, the Prophet (may glory, grace, blessings and peace be upon Him) arranged for the service, which had till then been held outside the doors, to take place in a private house.

This Surah is also often called Saba’am-min al-Mathaani, “Seven of the Oft-repeated” (verses being Understood), XXV, words which are taken as referring to this Surah.

You would have seen that how much virtue has this Surah. Reciting it needs special attention and consideration. It should also be admonished to others. O God Almighty! Give us power and strength to do well.

Lord Of The Words  
Verse –1 of 7,  Section – 1 (Part 1)

Praise be to ALLAH, Lord of the worlds


There are some words in this verse. Please understand their meanings first. As per Arabic language “Al” means “All”, Particular”. “Hamd” means-Praise, Excellences, Qualities, characteristics etc. These meanings are higher than praise-worthy actions and gratitude.

“ALLAH” is personal name of The God Almighty. This name neither can be used for any other, nor is used for anyone except The God Almighty. This word “ALLAH” has not been concluded from any other word. This name is particularly used only for The God Almighty.

“RAB” means that God, Lord, Master and Creator Who created the entire things, and then promoted them from one state/condition to the other.

“Aalamiin” – (means the entire creatures, all the existing, all the parties and all the worlds).

In this verse some knowledge about Allah Almighty has been given and explained that all the praises are, in fact, only for Allah Almighty. Whenever any Ruler acts upon justice, it means that Allah Almighty has put the attribute of justice in that Ruler. If there is restoration of health, cure in the hands of anyone (doctor), it means actually this perfection has been delivered to him by the Allah Almighty. If some one is beautiful, or it has nice habits, then for it also, The Allah Almighty is the Life, Who donated this beauty to that person/thing.

It is also revealed from this verse that God of Islam is not only The God of a particular race, a particular tribe or nation. All the religions which were in existence before Islam were not aware of this vast conception. Each nation supposed that The God is only of their God. As though, the capacity/means of the God remained only as their national God. Israelite, who had faith on oneness of God, considered The God as only of their God. But The Holy Qur’an effaced all their incorrect fidelities and explained that The God of all the things and atoms in the universe is only One “The Allah Almighty.”

We have come to know from this lesson also that we should serve all the mankind, besides the mankind we have to sympathize over the animals too. We should not behave anyone with the hatred sights.
Our concept is unlimited. But we believe that our Creator is The Creator/Master of the entire worlds, Who gives living, Who brings up mankind and all other creatures, not only for this world, but for the entire worlds.


Verse –2 of 7,  Section – 1 (Part 1)

The Beneficent, the Merciful.


Rehmaan – The Beneficent, The Merciful, The Forgiving (an epithet of ALLAH)

When a mankind bears, he falls in different physical and spiritual evils and misfortunes. He needs hundreds of things. All people, Muslims and Infidels, live in this world. They all want HIS mercy. So Allah Almighty has told us about epithet of RAHMAAN. This is to say that ALLAH showers down HIS mercy on each person without distinction. HE doesn’t forfeit HIS rewards from anyone, gives HIS gifts and honors to each person and living creature.

Rahiim – The MERCIFUL, The Pitiful, The Compassionate.
ALLAH explains us about the word RAHIIM that HE pays the people much more than their rights. Who will follow HIS orders, he will be granted special rewards. Bringing this word, RAHIIM, at the end, it has also been explained that after this world, another world (the Day of Judgment) will come. When we will go in the next world, after death, there, as regards to our faith and acts, Allah Almighty will feel special pity upon us.

Beneficence is HIS common epithet and mercifulness is HIS special epithet.
Being “The BENEFICENT” HE has arranged to complete our each necessity. HE created skies and earth, sun, moon and stars, rivers, seas and ocean, forests and mountains, vegetations, fossils and minerals, beasts and animals etc. HE puts shadow of HIS pity in the hearts of parents so that they love their children whole heartedly and mindlessly. They arrange each type of comfort for their children.

These rewards of ALLAH are equal for all, Muslims and non-Muslims without sense of “the good” and “the bad”. RAHIIM-being the MERCIFUL, ALLAH gives us much more compensation of our good acts. After death also HE will cover us in HIS kindness and bestow us heritance of Paradise. ALLAH produces great results out of little acts. HE will pay HIS mankind huge rewards for their customary goodness.

From these epithets of Allah Almighty we learn that we also should treat the mankind with love and kindness. We should help them in the matters in which we are able to do something for them. We should excuse them on their errors and slips so that good manners of ALLAH may assert in this world and HIS creature may acquire pleasure.      


Verse –3 of 7,  Section – 1 (Part 1)

Owner of the Day of Judgment.
Maaliki Yawmid-Diin.


Fourth epithet of Allah Almighty is mentioned in this verse. This is to say that HE is The OWNER of the doomsday.
MAALIK – (epithet of ALLAH). Any Ruler or Judge may have a lot of power in this world. However his authority is limited, under compulsion to punish the criminal as per laws of the country. But Allah Almighty has used the word The OWNER for HIMSELF, WHO has full power. If HE wishes to punish the criminal, HE can and if HE wishes to forgive him, HE can. None is ruler upon HIM.

Diin – Exchange the reward or punishment. Doomsday is called the Day of Judgment, because the people will be rewarded or punished on their acts, done during their present life. OWNER of the doomsday means that on that day every person, Muslim or infidel and denier, will see the epithet of ownership of ALLAH. None will be able to run away from the exchange of reward or punishment.

All the Prophets (Alaihe mussalaam) came here and preached that each mankind is responsible for actions, done by him. There will come a time when the people will be asked about their acts. And they will be exchanged with rewards or punishment. Though this exchange is in action here, but on the doomsday it will be practiced at full scale. Earth and skies will perish. All the persons will be present in the court of Allah Almighty. HE will be The SOVEREIGN on that day. HE will pay rewards on virtues and punish on the badness. None of the people will have power either to disobey HIS decision or recommend someone without HIS permission or discharge criminal violently or get relief after paying some remuneration.     

Who succeeds to get fame on that day, he will be fortunate. He will live in palaces and majestic gardens. There will be different kinds of fruit, honey and canals of milk for him.  On the other hand, he, who will fail, he will be un-lucky. He will be thrown in the flames of Hell.

We should prepare ourselves to escape from distress, trouble and painful penalty on the Day of Resurrection. We should always obey the orders of The GOD and HIS Prophet (Peace be upon Him), so that we may escape ourselves from much shame of the doomsday. We may get relief from the horrible penalty and succeed in attaining blessings of the Heaven for ever.    


Verse –4a of 7,  Section – 1 (Part 1)

Thee (alone) we worship.
Iyyaaka na’-budu.


Formerly, we have read about four epithets of ALLAH in the earlier lessons:-
     LORD of the worlds1
     The MERCIFUL3
     OWNER of the Day of Judgment4
Every thing of earth and skies gets its promotion with HIS help. HE completes necessities of each creature. HE is The Boundless BENEFICENT. HE resolves the problems of each person with HIS kindness. HE removes the difficulties of all kinds. HE is the MERCIFUL too. Who obeys HIS orders and acts upon the instructions, delivered by HIM, gets rewards and after death he will be able to take place under the shade of HIS kindness. HE is also The OWNER of the Day of Judgment. HE produces the results of our deeds in this world and gives exchange. And on the Day of Resurrection HE will also pay the remuneration (rewards for good acts and punishment for the evil).

ALLAH has reminded the people after expressing HIS epithets that they should obey and worship the only one GOD day and night, remember HIM each time, complain HIM at the time of calamity, thank HIM during pleasure and ease hours, pray only for HIM leaving all the liar gods.

Worship means the devotion, respect, honors and obedience which are practiced for The GOD. As though, the person should be busy in worship of ALLAH during his each motion. Worship doesn’t mean only devotion and prayer. Besides service and devotion in worship, perfect obedience is also included with it compulsorily.

Purpose of perfect obedience by the person is to follow all the orders and instructions of Allah Almighty and not to oppose HIS assent in any matter.
“THEE (alone) we worship and THEE (alone) we shall obey in future”. We promise that we shall not get attended to anyone in it.
All the mankinds are children of Hadrat Adam (Alaehissalaam). Who has the power to be called himself “God” and compel anyone to do worship for him or how it is right for mankind that he would obey someone except Allah Almighty or live like his own will?
We all are obedient of one GOD “ALLAH”. We don’t agree to obey anyone opposing ALLAH’s orders and instructions.        


Verse –4b of 7,  Section – 1 (Part 1)

And Thee (alone) we ask for help.
wa iyyaaka Nasta-‘iin.


When the mankind admits that ALLAH (GOD) is his CREATOR, his BENEFICENT, his MASTER and agrees upon his devotion and humility, then now there is no way for him except that he should bear in mind about his needs every time. He should beg from ALLAH for success in each work, for safety in each woe and for completion of his each want.

ALLAH makes promise in HIS Holy Book “AL-QUR’AAN at many places that if the mankind remains obedient to The GOD whole heartedly, then ALLAH will not return him failed or mis-fortunate. HE completes all types of necessities of all the creatures in the entire universe. HE gives food to the hungry, restoration of health to the patient, looks after the Meeks and Orphans. HE bestows mercy with open hands day and night. But still deficiency does not come in HIS pity.

If all the residents of earth and skies ask for help for their needs, their hopes according to their individual manners and ALLAH completes their desires, still HIS treasures don’t become deficient as a needle dipped in the sea and let it got out. A person may be the richest out of us but he can’t spend lavishly as much. If he dares then his treasury will go to end in seconds and after all he will also become compelled to beg from ALLAH.

THEE (alone) we ask for help- It is demand of mankind’s poorness and helplessness that he should not beg for help from any person except ALLAH for his needs. He should search and ask HIS support in each painful trial because there is none remover of the difficulties except ALLAH.

It has come in The Sayings of The Prophet (Peace Be upon Him) that Once, The Messenger (Peace Be upon Him) said to His companions (ALLAH agreed upon them) “who is one of you, who promises that he will seldom beg from anyone”. All the companions        
(ALLAH agreed upon them) promised, “We will never beg from anyone except ALLAH”. So they (ALLAH agreed upon them) never begged anything from anyone during their remaining life. Some of them did so, that if his whip fell down during riding on the horse or camel, he didn’t say anyone to pick it up and give him. But he came down and picked his whip.
It is the procedure of compliance of our honorable elders. We can succeed in this world and here-in-after, following them (ALLAH agreed upon them).

Verse –5 of 7,  Section – 1 (Part 1)

Show us the Straight Path.


We admit that The GOD (ALLAH) is our CREATOR, our MASTER, our BENEFICENT and promise that we shall obey the orders of ALLAH and do worship only for ALLAH. We shall ask help only from HIM. Now we want to get guidance from our LORD so that we may not err erroneously which may cause HIS anger. So we need to walk on that path, on which we may get HIS happiness, pleasure and which may take us towards HIM.

‘Ihdi – show, instruct, admonish. There are many things, included in it, for instance, to show the path, to carry on the straight path, to convey on the destination. So it is the benediction that which the way, we do not know, show us that, so that we may achieve our goal and not to remain behind the destination.

We can not discover the path with our knowledge and wisdom. Because our knowledge is limited and our sense is a conch and defective. So we request only HIM (ALLAH) to show us the path as per HIS theology, on which there is no crookedness, no ups and downs, no fear of stumbling. There may be complete rules and regulations of the life, each corner and section of life may have accomplished base for guidance.

We beg for these aggregation benedictions so that relationship of each individual may remain with the nation personally. Whenever we offer prayers, we ask for help, we beg to show the right path to us, we do aggregate all these things. Teachings like this, to live as a unity, can not be found anywhere except Islam.

How this prayer is perfect? “O ALLAH! Show us the straight path”. There is no time whenever the mankind does not need to know about the straight path and correct manners. Eating, drinking, writing, reading, buying, selling, doing the jobs to establish the government/state, decision making on the law-suits, it means that there is none problem for that a person does not have to get sound guidance. So Allah Almighty has fixed these benedictions to be recited in all prayers, so that every person may beg for getting guidance and power to act.

Each religion has instructed its followers to beg for blessings, some people request for the bread, some ask for power, some beg for light of heart, some pray to be forgotten their sins. Our LORD taught us a perfect benediction in which we have been guided for every field of life.      

Verse –6 of 7,  Section – 1 (Part 1)

The path of those whom Thou     hast favoured.
Siraatal-laziina ‘an-‘amta   ‘alay-him.


We begged to show us straight path from ALLAH in the previous lesson/verse. Now it has been explained about straight path in this verse. Perfect knowledge and all instructions have been revealed in the Holy Qur’aan. ALLAH ALMIGHTY has also sent a lot of practical patterns towards human beings, so that we may follow their pure lives and move on the right path easily. So we have been instructed to beg from ALLAH to flow us on their holy foot-prints, who were granted rewards.

Kinds of the persons, who acquired rewards, have been mentioned in The Verse # 4: 69 (Surah an-Nisaa). “Who so obeyed ALLAH and The Messenger, they are with those unto whom ALLAH hath shown favor, of the Prophets and The Saints and The Martyrs and The Righteous. And what a best of company are They indeed.”

The Prophets, The Messengers (peace be upon Them), the person, who was chosen by ALLAH to convey HIS message up to HIS human beings. There is no possibility of mistake in the teachings of any Prophet (peace be upon Them). Prophet remains innocent and protected from the sins. A lot of circumstances of the Prophets (peace be upon Them) have been explained in The Holy Qur’aan. Chief of the nice class of Prophets is The Last Prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon Them). His all holy Habits and Sayings have been protected in writing. Our success in this life and freedom on the Day of Resurrection is hidden in following the foot-prints of Holy Prophet (peace be upon Him).

The Saints – True, Faithful, Sincere.
Saints come at the second position after Prophets (peace be upon Them).  These people achieve higher degrees, following the teachings of The Prophets (peace be upon Them), as like Hadrat Abu Bakr Siddique (Radi ALLAHo anho) The First Caliph of The Last Prophet (peace be upon Him)  
The Martyrs. Those honorable persons, who become effective particularly with the teachings of Prophets (peace be upon Them). They have full faith upon the promises of GOD and future rewards of the virtues.

The Righteous. Those servants of ALLAH who try whole heartedly to follow the Prophets (peace be upon Them) with all possible methods. These all great persons become sample for them who will come after them.

ALLAH ALMIGHTY commands us in this verse, “Straight and Right Path is the path on which the persons moved, who have acquired rewards.

Verse –7 of 7,  Section – 1 (Part 1)

Not (the path) of those who earn Thine anger nor of those who go astray
Gayril-magzuubi ‘alay-him  Walaz-zaaalliin.


In “The Opening” (Surah Al-Faatihah) we learnt the benediction, “O our LORD! Show us the Straight Path, the Path of those whom THOU hast favoured” (who have been granted rewards in this world and on the Day of Resurrection, on whom THOU descended blessings always).

Now it is said in this verse (beg also from ALLAH), “Not (the Path) of those who earn THINE anger nor of those who go astray”.

Magzuub – Earn anger. Those people who earned anger of their CREATOR, who overtook in torture due to their sins and agony descended upon them because they disobeyed the orders of ALLAH, falsified the Prophets (compliments upon Them) and tried to efface the truth after recognition, who did not regard Your admonition, were aimed of agony and anger of ALLAH due to their intentionally bad deeds.

az-zaaalliin – Go Astray, the persons who adopted wrong path. This depravity exists whenever, causes to move on the straight path are available but someone choose intentionally the wrong path”. It bears whenever any person imprisons in his own wishes, either leaving the morality and spiritual power or due to greediness of wealth or lie down in wrong customs and bad habits or bad society.

Honorable Commentators (Mufassereen e Karaam) say that entire instance 0f, “Not the path of those who earn THINE anger” are Jews, who earned the anger of ALLAH. Sayings of The Messenger of ALLAH (Peace be upon Him) are also available to support it. So this verse is common to justify them who, due to their personal evil and wickedness, intentionally opposed the truth and agony of ALLAH descended upon them.

Outward instance of “go astray” are Christians who after believing in a Prophet (Compliments Upon Him), even went astray and involved in ascribing plurality to ALLAH. In addition to them even any other nation who goes astray, will be included in the list of the people who ‘went astray’.

We beg for blessings from ALLAH to save us from these kinds of people who earned HIS anger and who went astray, who became victims of practical mistakes and defective faith.
Aamiin – (So, Be it).   



Praise belongs to ALLAH and HE is Sufficient for us. Peace be on HIS chosen Servants.

The present era goes through media (electronic as well as print) and novel ideologies. Various thoughts are clothed in new words. And people run after every new idea in the hope of finding a solution-peace; but soon they face disappointment.

Muslims do have with them an ideal system that can bring Peace and Tranquility to the word but they are not familiar with it themselves. How can they then guide other people? They are among those who grope about in the dark.

Holy Qur’aan is the book of ALLAH. HIS words revealed to The Messenger (SALLALLAHO-ALAIHE-WA-AALEHI-WASALLAM).The Sayings of the Prophet (SALLALLAHO-ALAIHE-WA-AALEHI-WASALLAM) are an explanation and commentary on the words of ALLAH. There is in them guidance for the human beings in every field of their lives. We should learn both the things (Holy Qur’aan and The Sayings of Prophet (SALLALLAHO-ALAIHE-WA-AALEHI-WASALLAM).

‘The Opening’ (Surah Al-Faatihah) is the first section of Holy Qur’aan. So it is named as “The Opening”. This section is like an abstract and preface of The Holy Qur’aan. The subjects briefly earmarked in this section, have been mentioned in The Holy Qur’aan in detail, hence it is called, Mother of the (Ummul) Qur’aan, Foundation/essence of The Qur’aan. When we recite this section, “The Opening” we promise that all Praises belong to ALLAH, WHO created all the living and non living creatures including the mankind. So we should keep well in mind efficiently that if HE is The GUARANTER to complete our all necessities then we should never leave the straight path for completion of requisites at our own. We should move on the path of deception, fraud, telling a lie or using un-fair means. If we have been assured that completion of our needs is eternal then why would we have to adopt the wrong way for it?

Then we read that ALLAH ALMIGHTY is The BENEFICENT, The MERCIFUL. HE showers down HIS mercy on each creature, small or large, without distinction of Muslims or non-Muslims and without sense of the good or the bad. HE arranges completion of all our needs. HIS treasures of kindness go never to end.

Then we learn that HE is The OWNER of the Day of Judgment. All the human beings will stand in front of ALLAH ALMIGHTY holding their character rolls in their hands and will be either granted rewards or awarded punishment according to their own character. We should frighten from that Day and do well.

We accepted, “we shall do worship only of ALLAH”. We beg from HIM for help in our each matter. We return towards HIM for all kinds of painful problems and difficulties, so that HE shows us the straight path, so that we may gain our goal, so that we may reach our destination and get rewards from HIM.

We also beg from HIM to save us from the path of those who earned HIS anger, and went astray.           
Posted by Muhammad Sharif 

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