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Alif-Laaam-Miiim. This is the Scripture whereof, there is no doubt - 13 to 23

Alif-Laaam-Miiim. This is the Scripture whereof, there is no doubt

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Part  - I

The first Surah ‘Faatihah’ (The Opening) was revealed in Makkah whereas this, the second Surah ‘Baqarah’ (The Cow) revealed in Al-Madinah. This Surah is the longest Surah in Holy Qur’aan. It has 286 verses in 40 sections. Because there is an event of ‘The Cow’ in it so it is named, Baqarah. Matters relating to religious as well as deeds have been taught in it. It is said that Hadrat Umar (Radi ALLAHo Anho) spent many years to understand this Surah. It is not meant to learn by heart, but to learn and understand the orders and instructions mentioned in it. Abstract of its subjects is stated as under:

1.        Holy Qur’aan is guidance for those people who have fear of ALLAH and matter of abstinence is in their hearts.

2       After listening The Holy Qur’aan, three kinds of people will grow as it has been happening in the world at each time of beginning a new series of movements. At first, the believers, who will have full faith in it. Secondly, the infidels who will oppose it and thirdly, the hypocrites, who will show themselves as believers but actually their hearts will refuse it.

3       After all the above, people have been ordered to do worship of only ALLAH and the Truth of Holy Qur’aan has been proven.

4       In the fourth section, Birth of The Prophet Hadrat Adam (Compliments upon Him) has been mentioned including His entitlement of being Caliph on the earth. Then, from fifth section to onward recitation of a big dynasty’s life ‘Israelite’ begins. Hundreds Prophets and Messengers (compliments upon Them) born in this dynasty. ALLAH ALMIGHTY narrated the condition of this dynasty in a lesson taken method and also told about their false movements and badness due to which these people could not be able to remain Viceroy of The CREATOR on earth.

5       From section 5 to 15, many events of Israelite have been stated for example, their promises and agreements, splendor of ALLAH on the Mount Sinai, event of the Day of Saturday, event of The Cow, circumstances of the murder of Prophets (compliments upon Them), impure attempts of enchantment/charm and magic, unfair conduct of disgracing the Prophets (compliments upon Them), wrong faith in rewards and independence on the Day of Judgment. 

6       From section-16 to onwards, including more events of Israelite, birth of The Last Prophet Hadrat Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him) in Arab within the generation of Hadrat Adam (Compliments upon Him) has been mentioned. And there is also recitation on The Temple of Makkah (Masjid e Haraam).The degrees of the Martyrs in the ways of ALLAH are mentioned here.

7       In section-20 matters of The Forbidden and lawful, and The Marks of the power of The GOD have been discussed.   


Part  - II

In section 20 of Surah Baqarah we have been commanded by The GOD about actual goodness. After this section, up to section 26, the matters relating inheritance, revenge, blessing, fast, pilgrimage to Makkah, Jehad (to try and strive), sacrifice pertaining to property in the path of GOD have been mentioned including orders and instructions for them.

From section 27 matters regarding family and social life have begun like, marriage, divorce, menstruation, second marriage, bring up and look after the children and favor right of the bride etc.

In section 32 again the matter of trying and striving has been discussed like, Hadrat Saul’s encounter against the Goliath. GOD commanded us that victory or defeat does not depend either on war equipment or decrease and increase of personnel. Usually small number of manpower wins against large armies.

Verse of The Throne  (Aayat ul Kursee), in which many virtues of GOD like, The ALIVE, The PERMANENT etc have been mentioned in section -34. There is no compulsion for anyone to accept Islam because its excellences and proofs are clear.

Recitation regarding Lesson taken events of Hadrat Abraham (Compliments upon Him) is discussed here. Up to section-39 talk about Alms and charity, prohibition to take interest, laws and instructions regarding witness and principles of trade have been mentioned.

At the end of this Surah in section-40 summary of Faith and Islam have been mentioned including a perfect prayer. Last words of this benediction are, “Fan-sur-naa-alal-Qaomil-kaaferiin” (Bestow us excellence over the nation of infidels). It is the result of invitation of Holy Qur’aan that which nation will bring up with the teachings of Holy Qur’aan, law of The GOD will overcome on atheism with her. Result of believers of GOD and infidels has been narrated here that believers will succeed and infidels will fail and subdued, as the end of the Surah is just like beginning.

Please don’t forget it that writing of this abstract means only to show you a concept of its subjects. It is fact that, it is impossible for anyone, to summarize the facts and excellences of the speech of GOD in a few words.

Now we should think and care the orders and instructions of The GOD, mentioned in this Surah. We should understand its philosophies and be ready to act upon these instructions. O GOD! Give us knowledge and power for it.                            .   

AL-BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Verse –1 of 286, Section – 1 (Part 1)

‘A-‘uu-zu  Billaahi minash-Shaytaanir-Rajiim

Alif. Lam. Mim.


In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

          Sura Baqarah begins from above three letters. These letters are called “Muqat-ti-‘aat”. I am sorry! I could not find translation of the word “Muqat-ti-aat.” So I translated it as ‘Absolute’ letters. If I am wrong, I pray from the GOD to forgive me. The letters Alif-Laaam-Miiim are written collected but are read separately. The three letters have come in the beginning of five more Suras excluding ‘Baqarah’ (The Cow). Besides these three letters some other letters have also come in the beginning of some different Suras of the Holy Qur’aan. The Suras which begin with this type of letters are twenty nine in numbers.

         If we say, what are the meanings of Alif-Laaam-Miiim? Nobody can reply absolutely, because it is Secret out of the Secrets of The GOD. Only ALLAH, HIS Messenger (Peace be upon Him), the companions of the Messenger (Allah agreed upon them) and Scholars of the Muslim nation know its meanings. Different Saints tried to explain it according to their personal manners. For instance:-

       Sayyidina ibn ‘Abbas (may the God Almighty be pleased with him) said that the GOD says, “I am ALLAH, Who knows the best.” One saint says, “Alif means ALLAH, who revealed the Holy Book. Laaam means the arch Angel Gabriel (Compliments upon Him), who brought the revelation of ALLAH, and Miiim means The Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) on whom this Holy Book ‘Qur’aan’ was revealed through the Angel Gabriel (Compliments upon Him).

       A young Egyptian Scholar Sayyad Nasooh Zahir told after counting and trusting on the alphabetical letters that actually number of verses of the Suras is mentioned in the letters. An other research scholar said that there are historical events with days and years discussed in these letters, which are held in that particular Surah.

       Briefly, the knowledge of these letters found by the saints, research scholars and philosophers have been told us. These kinds of letters were already in use in the Arabic language before Islam. To them each person who has knowledge of Arabic knows perfectly. Besides Arabic, this custom of use also exists in other languages like English, Persian, and Urdu etc for example: BA, MA, LLB, UNO, IMF ETC. These instances are very famous but even till some people don’t know them. Only those persons know them, who belong to them or have any interest with them.

       GOD gave us chance to learn and understand the Holy Qur’an. It is our duty to try to understand the speech of GOD, act upon it and spread its science, acts and arts nearby and far. Solution of all the Problems of the world over may be found in this speech. 

BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Verse – 2 of 286, Section – 1 (Part  - 1)
This is the Scripture whereof
There is no doubt.
Zaalikal-kitaabu laa rayba fiih


Zaalika  - (This). It is used to point out something. Besides Zaalika, some other words are also used to point out something in Arabic language. Usually Zaalika is used to point out the thing far away but due to dignity and greatness of the Holy Qur’aan its meaning is used here as nearby.

Al-kitaabu - Every written thing is called the book. Whenever al comes before a noun, it becomes a particular noun. So which al is used here before kitaab, it makes the book, “a Particular Book” i.e. Holy Qur’aan.
       Every person in this world needs to know true principles so that adopting these principles he may get his object. Some people wish to know these types of principles from their sense/wisdom. But it is evident from the experience that the principles come out from anybody’s wisdom; may not be real and sure. Because in different matters people have different opinions. As if, we can’t agree upon a principle collectively, but how many persons will be there, too many advices on any principle will be there.

       To curb this tendency our GOD revealed for us the Holy Book with entire kindness, and also commanded that speeches of this Book, “filled with full philosophy” are true and final. There is no doubt in it. Which promises have been made in it, surely they will be completed. And which knowledge has been given in it that will produce true results. If any person has any doubt in any matter, he may know by thinking and considering on the verses of the Holy Qur’aan.

       Teaching of the Holy Qur’aan is not far from the wisdom. Mankind is invited to examine the truth of Holy Qur’aan practically. Surely using it they will feel comfort. Who does not know that the Arabian nation had drowned in the darkness of folly? She was backward comparing to other nations. Maximum people were cruel and un-civilized. When this nation acted upon the teachings of Holy Qur’aan, she succeeded in all the matters of life like economics, politics, science, arts, social matters, civilization manners etc. Who were behind all they commanded the all acting upon the Holy Qur’aanic teachings. Each promise of the Holy Qur’aan was complete. But when the people gave up acting upon it, old diseases returned in the nation.

       We should promise to act upon these teachings from the beginning whole heartedly. Leave all types of doubts and suspicions and get success in this life and on the Doomsday.         

BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Verse – 2 of 286, Section – 1 (Part  - 1)
A guidance unto those who
ward off (evil)


Hudan – Guidance, Path of Knowledge, Equipment for moving on the path, strength and power to reach at the destination. These all things are included in the meanings of ‘Guidance’. We have learnt explanation of it in “The Opening” (Al-Faatihah). 

Muttaqiin - Plural of Temperate, Abstinent and Sober, who have fear of GOD in their hearts, who live in abstinence, who does his work with care. One event of Sayyidina Abi bin Ka’ab (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho) is being written here for explanation of the word of Piety.

       Once Sayyidina ‘Umar (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho) asked from Sayyidina Abi bin Ka’ab (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho) about meanings of Temperate. He replied, if you pass through a forest which is full of thorns and shrubs, and then what will you do? He answered, “I shall fold up my clothes, so that skirt of my garment may not involve with thorns. Sayyidina Abi bin Ka’ab (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho) said, “this is the fear of GOD”.

      Now it is evident that guidance of the Holy Qur’aan is better for those people who want to reach their destination keeping themselves safe from the thorns of the forest of this world i.e. sins.

      There are two types of mankind. Some have fearless temperament. They become so thoughtless that without thinking anything they plunge into each work. Some are those who think before starting any work with care. Now it is revealed that the people who live a careful life, they gain advantage of guidance. These persons, color of piety may be seen into them. Abstinent will reach at the top with the teachings of Holy Qur’aan and following virtues will born into them.

      This Book, “The Holy Qur’aan” is revealed for guidance of the entire world. And it is addressing to all the people of the entire world, but practically only those persons will get advantage from this book who seek and need to know the truth. Every work needs some basic elements for starting the work for example, feet to walk, eyes to look, so to get guidance from the Holy Qur’aan fear of GOD is necessary in the hearts. The sun shines on the entire universe. But those persons who have lost their power of sight, for them light is useless. If the earth is salty, rain will prove nothing on it. It is important to bear the piety in our hearts that we should settle our accounts ourselves. Once Sayyidina Umar (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho) , “prior to this, that anybody calls your account, you should check the account yourself.                            

BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Verse – 3 of 286, Section – 1 (Part  - 1)
Who believe in the unseen
‘Allaziina yu’-minuuna bil-Gaybi


‘Allaziina - Those people who.
yu’-minuuna - believe, bring faith. Belief means ‘to admit the truth with tongue, have faith in it with heart and devise action according to it. Who becomes a believer, he comes in peace. It is the Belief, which is reliable in the Divine law of religion.

Gaybi - means the world which is higher than this outward world, information about which can only be achieved through the Prophet (Peace be upon Him). For example:

Nature and virtues of GOD, Angels, Paradise and Hell, the Day of Resurrection, accounts of good manners and the evils (sins), rewards and punishment as per acts etc, and Belief in the unseen may not be complete without having faith in the Prophet (Peace be upon Him).

   It was told in the previous lesson that Holy Qur’aan is Rule of Guidance for those people who wish to get advantage from it with extremely sincerity and sacred intention, who have ability and excitement to live with care and look after their own. And they have ambition to pass their lives with chastity and cautiousness.

     In this verse first attribute of sobers has been mentioned which will come into them with the guidance of the Holy Qur’aan. And that is the thing that they believe in the unseen, the body of which is higher than the outward senses.

     Without belief the heart remains restless and unstable, because without its existence doubt, hesitation, whim and suspicion make place in the hearts. But a believer does not frighten in the stress and strain, in the painful calamity and examination. But he gets encourage because he believes that he has a great support and strong trust. And he gains from it happiness of his brain, satisfaction of the heart and comfort of his soul. This faith in world of unseen is brain of religion and soul of belief. Without this faith, belief can not be matured. 

     We have prepared ourselves to get Guidance from the Holy Qur’aan and joined the people who have fear of The GOD. Now we should produce good manners in ourselves according to the teachings of Holy Qur’aan. We should believe and act on all the facts without hesitation which have been ordered through Holy Qur’aan, which have come to us through the last Messenger (Peace be upon Him).

     O Allah! Give us power, resources and strength for it.         

BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Verse – 3 of 286, Section – 1 (Part  - 1)
And establish worship
Wa yuqiimuunas-Salaata


Yuqiimuuna - Establish, Set up, Settle (oneself in a position), Place (someone) in a position, Prove the truth of (an event), Cause people to accept (a belief)
as-Salaata - Literal meanings are, “blessing; benediction; prayer”.
    Establishing prayer means that the person should offer prayer with entire terms and restrictions as well as bend upon others too to perform this duty. In the phrase of Divine Law of Islam as-Salaata is used for a particular worship that is called Prayer. Name of this worship is kept as-Salaata because maximum part of this worship comprises on blessings. In this worship along with Tongue, Heart and outward parts of Body also ask for blessing.

     After belief in the unseen second good manner of the temperate is being mentioned that “they establish worship with punctuality.” Prayer is the best source of leaning in front of GOD, declaring one’s devotion, producing deep connection with ALLAH, and arranging unity and discipline between all persons of the nation. The prayer is the most superior act to all bodily worships. And it is the best method of declaration about belief and Oneness of GOD. An individual has many advantages in it like code of morality, medical and material as well as collectively the nation has social advantages.

      All Muslims after being neat and clean stand in a row behind the spiritual guide five times a day facing towards the temple of Makkah. They promise for brotherhood between them and devotion, standing in front of ALLAH. By this worship hearts of all participants who stay collectively in a line become sacred from impurity, envy and selfishness. Mutual friendship, love and equality increases with it. The participants of this collective prayer perceive and help in each other’s trouble and distress etc. The person stops doing sin and shamelessness.

      Passion of obey to commander grows by establishing this method of worship. The nation learns the lesson of punctuality and regularity. So in the raising days of Islam success of Muslims was due to their establishment of worship. In famous people who were not under any sovereignty, became a disciplined nation by establishing prayers and proved themselves model of unity.

     It is said by The last Prophet (peace be upon Him), “the prayer finds out difference between Muslim and Infidel”. We should see ourselves in the light of the above mentioned Sayings of The Prophet (peace be upon Him) that in which society do we belong to?   In an other Hadiith, The Prophet (peace be upon Him) said that the prayer is ascension of the Believer. He will be un-lucky, who does not want to reach this higher rank.

     Prayer is a worship which is useful like in moral, spiritual, individual and collectively matters. Therefore, it is determined pillar of religion.           

BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Verse – 3 of 286, Section – 1 (Part  - 1)
And spend of that We have bestowed upon them
Wa mimmaa razaqnaahum yun-fiquun


Razaqnaahum - We have bestowed upon them. These are two words, “We have bestowed” and “upon them”. The word, “razaqnaa” has vast meanings in Arabic Language. All types of favors and blessings come in it desiring either outward as wealth, health, children etc or internal as knowledge, wisdom and understanding etc. In the rewards of GOD, wealth is a great grant. It is evident from this verse that every thing is granted by GOD and which gifts are rewarded to the mankind, those all are bestowed due to HIS kindness.

yun-fiquun – They spend. Third attribute of the persons who have fear of GOD in their hearts is being narrated in this part of the verse. That, whatever GOD has bestowed upon them, they spend out of it in reasonable and needful situations, in just and useful purposes. It is a great sacrifice, to spend wealth for the sake of Allah. There are many people who do only physical worship but do not like to spend any penny. This kind of avarice is dangerous in this world and for the day of resurrection.

Whenever friends, relatives and parents of any person turn to him for help in their needs, he stingy denies, at that time and displeases them. And then difference comes in his business, because they leave co-operation with him. Besides this, when there is no custom for support of needy, orphans and helpless people in the society and expenditure in public welfare, correctness of the national affairs and defense extensions is stopped, and then all people imprison in trouble and resultantly personal wealth becomes over.

On the doomsday it will be the result of frugality that if love of wealth settles down in the heart and at the time of death soul of mankind leaves body, it remains restless a lot in the love of wealth and this unreasonable love appears as snakes, scorpions and Fire in the form of agony. So, Allah has taught the mankind to sacrifice their property for their religious as well as worldly success. And like that, they should spend from His given strengths, abilities and qualifications to serve the humanity.

It is our duty to don’t withdraw from serving the common people with our all struggles, strengths, abilities and wealth, and participate whole heartedly according to our ability. This is the best for nation, country and as well as for each individual. 

BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Verse – 4a of 286, Section – 1 (Part  - 1)
And who believe in that which
is revealed unto thee
(Muhammad) and that which was revealed before thee,
Wallaziina yu’-minuuna bi-maaa ‘unzila ‘ilayka wa maaa ‘unzila min-qablik.


       Fourth praise of temperate is mentioned in this verse. Namely these people believe on all heavenly books and revealed written.

As though two speeches have been explained in this verse:

•        To have faith on the teachings and instructions of The Holy Book revealed towards The Messenger (Muhammad) (peace be upon Him) whole heartedly.
•        To believe just the Holy Books revealed upon the prophets came prior to the last Messenger (peace be upon them) from GOD.

      Now it is also clear that in the Holy Qur’aan, only the Book revealed on the last Prophet and the Books revealed upon the Prophets prior to the last Prophet (peace be upon them) have been explained. Neither there is mentioned any prophet after the last Messenger (peace be upon Him) and nor any holy book after the Holy Qur’aan. It is known that no prophet will come after the last Prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon Him), although it would have been mentioned here.

      The Prophets came prior to Muhammad (peace be upon them), are a lot in numbers. Names from some of them have been mentioned in the Holy Qur’aan, remainings are only hinted. To believe in Prophets (peace be upon Them) means that from Hadrat Adam (Compliments upon Him) to the Last Messenger Hadrat Muhammad (peace be upon Him), as much as Prophets came, all those Prophets (compliments upon Them) were sent by GOD. And they taught the people according to their reign. Out of heavenly Books, four Holy Books have been mentioned in the Holy Qur’aan:

1.        Journals of Hadrat Abraham (Compliments upon Him)
2.        Torah of Hadrat Moses (Compliments upon Him)
3.        Zaboor of Hadrat David (Compliments upon Him)
4.        Gospel of Hadrat Jesus (Compliments upon Him)

       Messenger of ALLAH (peace be upon Him) illustrated the series of prophets by a simile of palace and said, “Each Prophet was fitted as a brick of His reign to build this palace. At last Hadrat Christ (Compliments upon Him) came and was fitted as a brick in the palace of prophet-hood. The people came, looked this ‘Building’ and praised but in addition said also that there is a gap of one Brick. Would that the remaining Brick be fitted on its place. I am that ‘last Brick’, now there is no need and space of any brick for this palace of prophet-hood.”

       All these Prophets of GOD (peace be upon Them) always presented the truth before their people that LORD of the worlds is only one ‘ALLAH’. Now The Holy Qur’aan orders to its believers that they should believe in all of them. No body can find anywhere this kind of superior example regarding acceptance of tolerance and truth.
BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Verse – 4b of 286, Section – 1 (Part  - 1)
And are certain of the Hereafter.   
Wa bil-‘Aakhirati hum yuuqinuun.


‘Aakhirat – means the second life after death.

Yuuqinuun – (they believe). Believe is the knowledge, the argument to whom has cleared so that any capacity of doubts and suspicions does not remain in it.

      This world is the place of actions. It means that this is the life after which period of acts goes to end. The world coming after this life is the place of consequences in which every person will be rewarded or punished according to his each act he did in this world. There is no doubt that we get back rewards in terms of events in this world but sometimes persons are not rewarded or punished as a whole. The persons of Good deeds deprive from getting rewards and evil doer criminals escape from punishment. Still justice demands that any act of any person must not be remained result-less. So God has fixed a day on which every animate will get its reward or punishment in full on each of its act. Hence, to believe on a sustainable future of this world for reward and punishment is important component of a true religion.

       It also became clear that this world has strong association with the world hereafter. Second life will be the result of our deeds we do in our present life. So it is sobers’ quality that they get satisfaction before starting any work that the work, they are going to do, is not against the heavenly teachings and instructions of GOD regarding inference and result.

      GOD ALMIGHTY has given us full liberty of selection and power of choice for actions. We have many ways to reach the destination. But we have to choose the path for which GOD has guided us. If belief of the end of this world, rewards or punishments according to good or bad acts remains in front of us every time, then it is a sure point that we shall remain firm on the path of truth and temperance. We should mould our lives in the principles of Holy Qur’aan so that we may get much pleasant results out of it and we may succeed in both the worlds. The person who has not belief in liability of his acts, calculation of good and bad deeds and their results, he would not correct his actions.                         

BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Verse – 5 of 286, Section – 1 (Part  - 1)
These depend on guidance from their Lord. These are the successful.         
‘Ulaaa-‘ika ‘alaa hudam-mir-Rabbihim wa ‘ulaaa-‘ika humul-Muf-lihuun


Al-Muf-lihuun – Those who succeed. This word is built from ‘Falaah’. It means, ‘betterment, deliverance, happiness, prosperity, profit, good.’ But literally ‘Falaah’ means, ‘amputation’. Probably agriculturist or farmer is so called ‘Fallaah’ because he ploughs in the earth, sows seed, which comes out from the earth in the shape of a young plant. In Arabic language this word has vast meanings. All successes of this life and Hereinafter have been mentioned in it collectively. All scholars agree upon this word’s meanings that there is no better word in Arabic language except ‘Falaah’ to declare all kinds of success. He will be called ‘Muflih’ (succeeded), who reaches success after removing all kinds of difficulties and hindrances.

         In ‘Surah Faatihah’ (The Opening) we humbly made requests to God for guidance towards the straight path. Replying to that request we received a Message, which we have read in the previous lessons. After that, some emblems have been explained about the persons who achieved guidance:

•        Believe in Omniscient besides this materialistic world
•        Establish worship to disclose their relation practically with God.
•        Spend for the sake of God out of that which He has bestowed upon them
•        Believe in that which revealed upon the Messenger (Muhammad) (peace be upon Him), The Holy Qur’aan, and admit Him as their Spiritual Guide.
•        Admit the Holy Books, Journals and Guidance revealed prior to Holy Qur’aan.
•        Are certain of the Hereafter, rewards and punishment in accord with deeds (of this life).
       Now it is mentioned in this verse that these pious persons are actually on guidance of God. “These depend on guidance from their Lord and These are the successful”. It is the betterment of this life that guidance became their fortune and they got a complete and the best rule of life. And they molded their lives according to the custom and succeeded in all respect. Success in the Hereafter means that they will get complete rewards of their deeds.

       Before Islam, the Arabians were very poor. Camel-driving was their occupation. They had neither wealth, nor regular Army and nor sufficient quantity of eatables/drinkables. But when they admitted in Islam and acted upon the teachings of Holy Qur’aan whole heartedly, they succeeded in all fields of life. The earth kissed their feet and the sky threw upon them auspiciousness and kindnesses. God gave them all which was promised by Him. Today if we mold our lives according to the teachings of Holy Que’aan, this promise of success is also for us. And we shall succeed too in this life and on the Doomsday.

Transliteration in Roman Script & English Translation of Holy Qur’an written by Marmaduke Pickthall, Published by Paak Company, 17-Urdu Bazar, Lahore and Lesson collected from Dars e Qur’an published By Idara Islah wa Tableegh, Lahore (translated by Muhammad Sharif)

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