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Establish Worship and Pay the Poor-Due, and Bow Your Heads with Those Who Bow

Lessons 48 to 59
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BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Excellence of Knowledge
Verse – 31 & 32 of 286, Section – 4 (Part  - 1)
31.  And He taught Adam all the names, then showed them to the angels, saying: Inform Me of the names of these, if ye are truthful.

32.  They said: Be glorified! We have no knowledge saving that which Thou hast taught us. Lo! Thou, only Thou, art the Knower, the Wise.
31.  Wa ‘allama ‘Aadamal-‘as-maaa-‘a kullahaa summa ‘arazahum ‘alal-malaaa-‘ikati faqaala ‘ambi-‘uunii bi-‘as-maaa-‘i haaa-‘u-laaa-‘i ‘in- kuntum saadiqiin.
32.  Qaaluu –Subhaanaka laa ‘ilma lanaaa ‘illaa maa ‘allamtanaa. ‘Innaka ‘antal-‘Aliimul-Hakiim.

‘Aadama – (Adam). He (peace be upon Him) is the Father of all humankind.

‘As-maaa-‘a.  (Names) the word which is spoken for acquaintance of any person or thing is used as its name. To recognize that person/thing it is also necessary that its qualities and signs should be known.
Here meanings of the names are, “the names of all the things, their characteristics and conditions which would have to become necessary for the Adam and His children after sending them on the earth.” God Almighty acquainted the Adam (Peace be upon Him) about all the things’ names, their states and their characteristics.

According to the Knowledge of God the creation which was going to become His Caliph, before his appearing all the things were produced and then the humankind was created and He was named as Adam (peace be upon Him).

As you know that one creature of the God is Angels which are produced from the Bright (Noor). They pass their entire time in obedience and worship of God and it is their greatest excellence. They are totally pure and clean from all the wishes and needs which are good for the Adam. So they quite do not know about the use of all  things of the earth and skies. However it is fact that God has not created any thing without cause. There is indeed any philosophy and advisability in it.

The Lord Almighty created the Adam (peace be upon Him) from the mud. Then He produced in his body different kinds of wishes and needs. He gave knowledge also to adopt the different means to fulfill his wishes. He grew ability in it that he may acquaint with all the things easily and may know their characteristics.

The Adam has to face different accidents, incidents and changes in the different times. It has been kept in His nature that He will cross all the hurdles consciously and successfully. He has been informed about names of each necessary thing and its characteristics to compete in all kinds of difficulties.  

As it has been already discussed that the Angels know only about which they have been given knowledge. The things they do not need, they neither know about them and nor they can try to know about them.

So after teaching the names of all things to the Adam (Peace be upon Him) the God Almighty produced those things in front of the Angels. He commanded them, “If you are true in your claim that you hymn Mine praise and sanctity Me perfectly then tell Me the names of following things”.

The Angels are sacred creature. They do not have any work besides worship. How could they tell the names? They said, “We have only that knowledge which You have taught us. Besides that we know nothing. Now! These things, we can say only that there will be any advantage in producing them but we don’t know about its philosophy and secrecy because Your works are not but full with Your philosophy and advisability.

It is evident from these verses that due to knowledge the mankind became superior and higher in rank to the Angels. Now if any person out of the generation of the Adam (peace be upon Him) is careless from the knowledge then he can not perform the duty of God’s caliph. We see that those nations, who acquired knowledge, are really on the path of development.   

BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Victory Of The Knowledge
Verse – 33 of 286, Section – 4 (Part  - 1)
He said: O Adam! Inform them of their names, and when he had informed them of their names, He said: Did I not tell you that I know the secret of the heavens and the earth? And I know that which ye disclose and which ye hide. 
Qaala  “Yaaa-‘Aadamu ‘ambi’-hum- bi-‘asmaaa-‘ihim.” Falammaaa   ‘amba-‘ahum- bi-‘Asmaaa-ihim, qaala   ‘alam ‘aqul-lakum  ‘iniii   ‘a’-lamu gay-bas-samaawaati wal-‘arz, wa ‘a’-lamu maa tubdunna wa maa kuntum taktu-muun.

The Caliphate’s event of the Adam (Peace be upon Him) is being narrated continuously. When Allah Almighty declared the caliphate of the Adam before Angels (Peace be upon Them) at first they requested, “Wilt thou place therein one who will do harm therein and will shed blood, while we, we hymn Thy praise and sanctity Thee?” He said: “Surely I know that which ye know not.”

God Almighty kept trial of knowledge before them to prove the claim of Adam. The Adam (peace be upon Him) was bestowed by the knowledge of things according to His natural ability and purity. The Angels were not able to know about the names and characteristics of the things. When the questions were asked from the both, the Angels accepted their ignorance but the Adam told the names of all the things and proved His superiority.

At this stage God Almighty said, “I had already told you that I know about outward appearance and inward qualities of every thing. I am well-informed about the secrets of the earth and heavens. The doubts about the Adam you disclosed, I know them and I also know about that which were not disclosed openly by you.” As though the knowledge of God is containing all the things, He bestows rank and responsibility to each one according to one’s ability and qualification.  

BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Prostration Of The Angels
Verse – 34 of 286, Section – 4 (Part  - 1)
And when We said unto the angels: Prostrate yourselves before Adam, they fell prostrate, all save Iblis. He demurred through pride, and so became a disbeliever. 
Wa ‘iz qulnaa lil- malaaa-‘ikatis-judduu  li-‘Aadama fasajaduuu ‘illaaa ‘Ibliis ‘abaa wastakbara wa kaana minal-kaafiriin.

As-judduu – (Prostrate yourselves) literally and particularly in the Divine precepts of religion Sajdah means prostration; to bow the body and place the forehead on the ground; prayer. Sajdah is the most venerable token so according to the Divine’s Law Sajdah is forbidden for anyone except Allah Almighty. In this verse aim of prostrate to the Adam (peace be upon Him) is that the Angels (peace be upon Them) bow their heads towards the Adam to accept His superiority and reverence for His respect. If we take its meanings in accord with the Divine then also its aim is to prostrate to the God Almighty keeping their faces towards the Adam (peace be upon Him) because here meanings of the word li-‘Aadama are ‘towards the Adam’ and not (prostrate) for Adam (peace be upon Him)

  ‘Ibliis – (Satan, devil) literal meanings of this word are ‘hopeless’. This ‘Ibliis was not an Angel but He was a demon created from the Fire. Because the Angel is a heavenly spirit, so it can not be hoped that the Angels will refuse, disagree, deny or violate the Order of God Almighty. Satan was included in the community of the Angels due to His worship and obedience of Allah Almighty.

‘abaa Wastakbara-(He demurred through pride) the Devil ‘Satan’ disobeyed intentionally and took pride.

When it was cleared that the Adam (peace be upon Him) was superior to the Angels due to His knowledge and rank, and was rightful of the Caliphate of God on the earth, then Allah Almighty ordered to the Angels to bow towards the Adam (peace be upon them) admitting His grandeur.

Obeying the order of God all the Angels prostrated of course the devil demurred and said, “I am created from the fire and the Adam is created from the mud so I shall not prostrate towards the Adam” (peace be upon Him).
Due to denying the order of God the Ibliis became infidel and He was forfeited from the Mercy of Allah Almighty. He lost the vicinity of God and fell in the reproach of God, and was fixed in the deserving anguish.

BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Adam In The Garden And Prohibited Tree
Verse – 35 of 286, Section – 4 (Part  - 1)
And We said: O Adam! Dwell thou and thy wife in the Garden, and eat ye, freely (of the fruits) thereof where ye will; but come not nigh
this tree lest ye become wrongdoers.
Wa qulnaa yaaa-‘Aada-mus-kun ‘anta wa zaw-jukal-Jannata wa kulaaminhaa ragadan hay-su shi’-tumaa; wa laa taqrabaa haazihish-shajarata fata-kuunaa minaz-zaalimiin.

Jannata – literal significance of this word is the garden whose close trees cover the earth. In the phrase of Divine precepts of Religion its significance is that splendid Garden in which there are uncounted blessings and which will be conferred to the persons of good disposition. That Garden is called Jannah also because that is hidden from our sights too.

zaw-juka – (Your wife) Eve (the wife of Adam (peace be upon Him) who was already created before this discussion. She is the Mother all of us.

Hay-su shi’-tumaa – (Where ye will) (from where you wish to eat) this word exposes the width and greatness of the Paradise.

God Almighty created the Adam in accord with His own Will and made him the viceroy of His Own on the earth. Then to clear his position Allah Almighty ordered the Angels to prostrate towards the Adam (peace be upon him) so that anyone may not have courage to rebel or disobey Him. The Angels admitted the greatness of the Adam and bowed towards Him.

After the Caliphate of Adam (Peace be upon Him) Allah Almighty gave them (Adam and His wife) chance to live in the Paradise, eat and drink what they wish.

About the Eve Commentators of Islam narrated that the Adam was alone in the Paradise. He was tired of aloneness. So God created the Eve and commanded both to live in the Paradise.

It is evident that God Almighty gave the Adam how many rewards and ranks, at first He was given knowledge, then He became Caliph of God, then he was presented a life partner (wife) for comfort and pleasure, then He was placed in Paradise and bestowed uncounted blessings for eating and drinking. Allah Almighty bestows presents to His servants always. Now it is the duty of His servants to thank God and know the respect of these favours.   
Laa taqrabaa - come not nigh (near). Actual significance of this order was that the Adam should not eat the fruit of that particular tree.  

Haazihish-shajarata – ‘this tree’ was a tree out of the trees of Paradise and the Adam was acquainted about that tree. In the Holy Qur’aan there is no explanation about it however the commentators of the religion have different views about that particular tree. Some of them say that it was the tree of grapes and some say that it was plant of wheat; some have view as dates and fig. In the Sayings of the Messenger of God (Peace and blessings on Him) it has not been explained. 

Minaz-zaalimiin – (out of wrongdoers) it is the significance of those people who oppress themselves. Disobeying the orders of God is the oppression over oneself. Now it is clear that at that time means of the Paradise was not as the reward of good deeds as now it has. But at that time there were Divine’s laws. Some orders were to obey them and some deeds were to be prevented to do them.

It is the lesson for us that the person who does the works of doubts and suspicions him endangers himself intensively for wrong deeds. So the God Almighty prevented the Adam (peace be upon Him) to go near that prohibited tree so that neither they will go nigh the tree and nor they will wish to eat it. We should also abstain from the doubtful and suspicious things. It should also be remembered that the person who disobeys the orders of God Almighty he actually loses his own. He creates mischief for himself in this world as well as the next world i.e. Doomsday. 

BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Error Of The Adam And Expulsion From Paradise
Verse – 36 of 286, Section – 4 (Part  - 1)
But Satan caused them to deflect there-from and expelled them from the (happy) state in which they
were; and We said: Fall down, one
of you a foe unto the other! There shall be for you on earth a
habitation and provision for a time.
Fa-‘azalla-humash-shay-taanu ‘anhaa fa-‘akh-raja-humaa mimmaa kaanaa fiih. Wa qulnah-bituu ba’-zukum li-ba’zin ‘aduww. Wa  lakum fil ‘arzi musta-qarrunw- wa mataa-‘un ‘ilaa hiin.

Fa-‘azalla-huma – Then they were deflected. It is understood that deflection does not come under the meanings of intentionally disobedience and violence. But significance of the deflection is error, slip due to mistake, forgetfulness.

Ash-shay-taanu – Significance of the Satan is that creature who went away from the Mercy of the Creator. It is the second name of Iblis. He disobeyed the God Almighty so He was ordered to get rid of the Paradise. Then He became strict enemy of the generation of the Adam (Peace be upon Him). He can not compel the human being to disobey the God or to do evil, but He induces the mankind with different methods to go on the path of evil. He is able to do this work (remaining either away or near) without measurement of the distances.  

‘Anhaa – (Cause of it) It may be pointed out towards the tree as significant that by the tree Satan deflected them and it may also be earmarked towards the Paradise that the Adam (Peace be upon Him) was expelled from it.

God Almighty placed the Adam (Peace be upon Him) and His wife in Paradise and ordered not to eat the fruit of that particular tree
and not to go near it. The Satan did not prostrate towards the Adam so He was rejected. He became enemy of the Adam due to jealousy. He intended strongly that anyhow the Adam be deflected from the Paradise.

In the Holy Qur’aan it has come in an other place that the Iblis reached near the Adam and His wife and assured them swearing that He is Their friend and well-wisher, and said that if you will eat the fruit of this tree, you will become Angels and will remain in Paradise forever.
The Adam and His wife were entrapped. They did not know that anyone can swear false of the God. They ate the fruit of that tree. As they ate the fruit, their dress of Paradise was dropped down from the bodies and they began to fold the leaves of the trees around their bodies due to shame. The God Almighty ordered them to get out from here. Satan became cause of their deflection from the Paradise. We should try to save ourselves from His deception.

Ih-bituu - Fall down (you all). It signifies to go down from the higher place or migrate from one place to the other. It also signifies that in which Paradise the Adam (peace be upon Him) and His wife were residing they all (including their children and race) had to leave that place.
‘Aduwwun – (Enemies, foe, rival) the map of the life on earth has been taught by this word. In this world there will be possibility of struggle, jealousy, selfishness, sensuality and envy, and to save oneself from this badness will be the token of human being’s piousness.
‘Ilaa hiin – (For a time, till the particular time) it is evident from this verse that stay of human being is accidental on this earth and not forever. Then they will attend the Court of God.

After eating the fruit of that particular tree due to misleading of the Satan, which was forbidden to eat by the God Almighty, He ordered that this place is not suitable for you now. Go away on the earth. In the world some people of the mankind will not remain in peace and truce, and will quarrel with each other. They will reside there till their death. During their life time they will have to get advantage from the earthen commodities with working hard and collect the things for drinking and eating.
Useful matters which come out of this verse are:
•        Satan is enemy of the human being. He tries his best to cheat and deceive the mankind.
•        Existence of the humankind is casual/accidental. Its reality is like an Inn. So we should recognize the world as to stay for some time and we should not forget our Lord, God Almighty supposing this world to live forever.

BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Penitence Of The Adam (Peace Be Upon Him)
Verse – 37 of 286, Section – 4 (Part  - 1)
Then Adam received from his Lord words (of revelation), and He relented towards him. Lo! He is the Relenting, the Merciful.
Fata-laqqaaa ‘Aadamu mir-Rabbihii Kalimaatin,  fa-taaba ‘alayh.  ‘Innahuu Huwat-Tawwaa-bur-Rahiim.

Fata-laqqaaa – Then learnt, received from Lord.
Kalimaatin – Words (of revelation). The God Almighty taught the Adam (Peace be upon Him) the words of penitence with His Mercy and Kindness. Here the words of penitence signify towards the following verse of Holy Qur’aan, “They said: Our Lord! We have wronged ourselves. If Thou forgive us not and have not mercy on us, surely we are of the lost”. (VII: 23 - The Heights) “Qaalaa Rabbanaa zalamnaaa ‘anfu-sanaa Wa ‘il-lam tagfir-lanaa wa  tar-hamnaa   lanakuu-nanna minal-khaa-siriin.” (7: 23 – Al-‘Aa’-raaf). These words were spoken by the both i.e. the Adam and His wife (compliments upon them).

Fa-taaba – so He relented, engaged the attention. Penitence means repentance for sins, sorrow for wrongdoing, and return towards the straight path. Request for forgiveness from the sins is called penitence because the mankind admits with the perception of sins and promises that he will abstain from the sins.

When the Adam (peace be upon Him) and His wife were ordered to leave the Paradise, they perceived about their mistake, regretted a lot on it, wept in the situation of distress on their mistake and wandered repentant restlessly. Ultimately the God Almighty felt pity upon them and revealed the words of benediction for penitence in their hearts. They prayed with these words and God Almighty accepted their penitence because certainly He is the relenting and howsoever merciful upon His servants.

Three things are necessary for the penitence:-
•        The human being should admit and look back with sorrow on his sin.
•        He should intend strongly that he will not do it again.
•        He should not do this sin in future.

It has been pressed many times in the Holy Qur’aan and the Sayings of the Messenger (Peace be upon Him) about penitence. We should renounce for forgiveness of each type of sins, (known or un-known, minor or major) from the God Almighty.  

BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Need Of Revelation & Outcome of Its Deniers
Verse – 38 & 39 of 286, Section – 4 (Part  - 1)
38.  We said: Go down, all of
you, from hence; but verily there
cometh unto you from Me a guidance; and whoso followeth My guidance, there shall no fear come upon them neither shall they grieve.

39.  But they who disbelieve, and deny Our Revelation, such are rightful owners of the Fire. They
will abide therein for ever.
38.  Qulnah-bituu minhaa jamii-aa. Fa-‘imma  ya’-ti-yan-nakum-minnii Hudan- famantabi-‘a   Hudaa-ya falaa khaw-fun ‘alay-him wa laa hum yah-zanuun.

39.  Wallaziina kafaruu wa Kazzabuu bi-‘Aayaatinaaa ‘ulaaa-‘ika  ‘As-haabun-Naar. Hum fiihaa  Khaaliduun.

Ih-bituu – Go down. This Command is not being delivered to the Adam (peace be upon Him) and His generation as a punishment. Error of the Adam (peace be upon Him)was forgiven. But command to go down on the earth remained as usual because He was appointed as Caliph on the earth. Aim to keep them in the earth was that the people who will obey the God Almighty, they will be sent in Paradise and who will disobey they will be kept out of the Paradise.

Khaw-fun – (Fear) means perception of in coming loss or pain in future. Here it signifies that the Believers and pious people will not be punished on the Doomsday. 

Laa hum yah-zanuun - Neither shall they grieve. The believers and good people will not repent on their lives they passed in this world (their first lives).

The God Almighty commanded the Adam (peace be upon Him) ) and His children, “Go down, all of you, from here and don’t be sorrowful. My Sight of Kindness will remain over you in the earth”. But they were also told, “My Guidance will reach continuously through the Prophets and Messengers (peace be upon them), and whoso will follow My guidance, there shall be no fear for them to be thrown in the Hell, and neither they shall feel grievance to be got out from the Paradise. They will be entered again in the Paradise. But they who disbelieve, and deny Our Revelation, such people are rightful owners of the Fire. They will abide therein for ever”.

As-haabun-Naar - rightful owners of the Fire. As though the people who falsify and deny the Divines Law of God Almighty, they have connected their relation with the Hell. 

When the Adam (peace be upon Him) came in this world, Allah Almighty taught them the Law of residing here and to go back again in the Paradise. It signifies that God Almighty will send His Messages towards them as and when He will feel necessary, which will be the source of guidance. He will arrange the Prophets and Messengers (peace be upon Him) for guidance of the race of Adam. Human being can not find the straight path only with his sense and wisdom. It is important for him to refer towards God Almighty, Who is Creator of his nature. The people who will admit His guidance whole hearted, think about His sent significant and act upon His commands, they will get freedom from all kinds of sorrow and grief, and after their present lives they will enter into the Paradise, where they will obtain all types of comfort and rest for ever. However those people who will deny His guidance, who will disobey His commands, they will go astray for ever due to their un-expert conscientious objections. They will be thrown in the Hell after death, where they will become fuel of the Fire and will be arrested in different types of agony.

It is clear from this story that if the human being wishes to get spiritual peace and rest, then he can get it only on acting upon the guidance of Allah Almighty. Without it, it is impossible. We should pray from God Almighty for penitence of all the previous sins, request Him for forgiveness, and act upon the guidance (Holy Qur’aan and Sayings of the Messenger (peace be upon Him)

Let us join those people who act upon the guidance of Allah Almighty and become the successors of Paradise. Now there is only way that we have to admit the teachings of the last Messenger of God (peace and blessings be upon Him) whole hearted, act upon it honestly with the faith that it is the last teachings, this Prophet is the last Prophet (peace be upon Him) and that after Him no Prophet will come in this world.

BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Favour Of God On The Children Of Israel
Verse – 40 of 286, Section – 5 (Part  - 1)
O Children of Israel! Remember
My favour wherewith I favoured you, and fulfil your (part of the) covenant, I shall fulfil My (part of the) covenant, and fear Me.
Yaa-Baniii- ‘Israaa-‘iilaz-kuruu ni’-matiyallatiii  ‘an-‘amtu-‘alaykum wa ‘awfuu ‘bi-‘Ahdiii ‘uufi  bi-‘Ahdikum. Wa ‘iyyaa-ya farhabuun.

Now with effect from the fifth section of this Surah explanation regarding history of the children of Israel (Israelite), their high positions (ranks), their errors, sins and snatch of favours begins. This portion of Holy Qur’aan needs special attention to study. There are many opportunities of warning and advice for Muslims in the history of Israelite so that we may save ourselves from those errors, slips and mistakes due to which this splendid nation was ruined and became the target of calamity of God Almighty. 

Baniii- (children) ‘Israaa- (servant) ‘iil (God) – (Children of Israel)
Israel was the surname of Prophet Jacob (Peace be upon Him) so His children and dynasty was given the title of “Baniii- ‘Israaa-‘iil”. They are also called Jews.
Race of Baniii- ‘Israaa-‘iil actually starts from the Prophet Abraham (Peace be upon Him). He had two sons:

(1)  Prophet Ishmael (Peace be upon Him) populated Hijaz (Makkah) and the last Messenger of God Muhammad (Peace and blessings upon Him) was born in His dynasty.
(2)  Second son was Prophet Isaac (peace be upon Him). His son’s name was Jacob (Peace be upon Him) who was named as Baniii- ‘Israaa-‘iil. His children were populated in Palestine (Jerusalem).

These people engaged themselves in the fights and quarrels. After some time Egyptians overcame them, kept them as slaves and tyrannized them. At last the Prophet Moses (Peace be upon Him) was born and He made away this nation from the slavery of Egyptians towards Siena Valley.

After some time these people returned to their native land Kin’aan. The best era of this nation was the period of Prophets David and Suleiman (Peace be upon Them). After Them this dynasty became victim of calamities due to enmity with the Prophets (Peace be upon Them), opposing the religion and disunion between themselves.
This nation was attacked severely twice and even destructed that they were forced to leave their native country, ran away here and there. But with sorrow they didn’t abstain from their depravity and badness. Till now these evils are present in that nation.

Ni’-mati - (My favour) means those favours and blessings of Allah, which He had bestowed on Jews, for example, caused to get free from torment of the slavery, drowned their enemy pharaoh, made their way to cross the red sea, provided them “Mann-o- Salwaa” the delicious food without any hard work and labor, helped them unseen in hardships etc.
‘Ahdiii  - My (part of the) covenant.  Covenant is a promise between two parties. Here covenant means the promise which servants (Human beings) finalized with their Creator before coming in this world. As Allah Almighty bestowed wisdom to humans, granted power to consider about signs of His nature and then the human has taken responsibility of knowing his Creator, will believe on the Prophets sent by God Almighty and will follow the guidance of Allah. In return Allah Almighty promised that they will be bestowed Heaven.
Farhabuun - (fear from Me) means fear none but Allah Almighty and keep it in mind. 

Allah Almighty promised with Adam after his birth and sending on earth that He will send his Prophets for his children according to the occasions and will convey His own guidance and instructions through Them to his servants. Prophets (peace be upon them) came according to this covenant. Hadrat Muhammad (peace be upon Him) was sent as the last of all. The religion bestowed to Him is a universal religion. So from this section the series of the preaching of religion Islam begins.

Jews were aware of the religion of God Almighty, so they are being addressed particularly first of all. And they are being reminded that their elders have seen blessings of the religion of Allah and they know about it. Now believe on this last Prophet (Peace and blessings upon Him), so that you may be eligible for the same blessings again. If you will do this then it will be considered that you have fulfilled your covenant and in return Allah will fulfill His covenant. Your sins will be forgiven and you will be bestowed success in this world and on the day of Resurrection.

BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Invitation Of Holy Qur’aan
Verse – 41 of 286, Section – 5 (Part  - 1)
And believe in that which I have revealed, confirming that which ye possess already (of the Scripture), and be not first to disbelieve therein, and part not with My Revelations for a trifling price, and keep your duty unto Me.
Wa ‘aaminuu bimaaa ‘an-zaltu musaddiqal-limaa ma-‘a-kum wa laa takuunuuu ‘aw-wala kaafirim-bih. Wa laa tash-taruu bi-‘Aayaati samanan qaliilaa; wa ‘iyyaaya fattaquun.

Maaa ‘an-zaltu – (which I have revealed) it signifies towards Holy Qur’aan, which was revealed on the last Prophet (Peace be upon Him). This is the last Holy Book of God Almighty.

Maa ma-‘a-kum - which you have, it signifies towards the Holy Book Torah which was revealed on the Prophet Moses (Peace be upon Him). Its truth and religious rules are approved by Holy Qur’aan.

Israelite are the people who are invited first of all to believe on Holy Qur’aan. These people were the most famous out of the Believers of Holy Books. They lived in the vicinity of Madina. This principle was also in accord with the rule that invitation of goodness should be started from the relatives and neighbours first. In the previous verse Allah Almighty reminded them His rewards and blessings upon them and commanded to fulfill the covenant which they have done with Him.

The covenant which is being asked to fulfill, to believe on this book “Holy Qur’aan” is included which is revealed on the Last Messenger Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him). So they should believe on It and act upon Its Instructions. This Book, “Holy Qur’aan” also authenticates the principles of their Holy Books.

After this it is being admonished that anyhow they shouldn’t be the first disbelievers of the Holy Qur’aan out of the people who know the Religion of God Almighty. As much knowledge regarding acquaintance of the last Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him) and truth of Holy Qur’aan you have, that no other nation has so much. So it is expected from that you will not become example of infidelity and refusal for others. But as you are being invited first out of Holy Book Holders, you will become cause of temptation for others by believing it first, that they admit and believe on it seeing you. You shouldn’t be afraid that if you will believe on this last Holy Book and last Holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him), you will lose your worldly dignity, influence and impression. Moreover you will see that all badness will perish due to blessings of Islam. This world will become comfortable for you and in the next world on the day of Resurrection) you will be avoided from punishment.

Samanan qaliila- (a trifling price) it means that not to become desirous of wealth leaving the Right. The world is a contemptible and unvalued thing comparing to the Right and Truth whether it seems how great apparently because it is temporary and frail.
Wa ‘iyyaaya fattaquun – and have afraid of Me. It’tiqaa means save oneself from badness (evils). Here it is pointed towards only the fear of the agony of God should be cause of avoiding badness. Although, the person who has fear of Allah in his heart, he can save himself from the act of badness.

As Holy Qur’aan has behaved soft with Jews and as fairly invited them towards Islam that it is also a proof about Holy Qur’aan that it is the Speech of God. Manner of declaring the events and method of addressing shows respect of Jews. Nothing is narrated like that may provoke them. It is the miracle of Holy Qur’aan that created proper environment for declaration of truth. If we the Muslims copy at least some of it then all the fears of world will get finished.

The behaviour which Jews adopted with Islam, its base seems nothing without stubborn and misunderstanding. Aim from selling the verses of God is that Jewish Scholars changed Commands of God for casual benefits of this world, issued self made religious decrees for some money, and hid orders of God and did them inter-mixed for hiding their own badness. When scholars of any nation indulge in these types of defects, then it is difficult for the nation to save her from destruction.

In this lesson Allah Almighty preaches much about the good conduct. Life in this world and its benefits are for a few days. Due to this reason He advised the Jews not to take decisions by changing His orders for the sake of contemptible gifts. Because the reward of telling correctly about My orders is better for both the worlds (this life and on the day of Resurrection) than these casual advantages and some compensations.

BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
To Conceal The Truth Is Not Allowed
Verse – 42 of 286, Section – 5 (Part  - 1)
And confound not truth with falsehood, and do not conceal the truth knowingly.  
Wa laa talbisul-Haqqa bil-baatili  wa taktumul-Haqqa  wa ‘antum  ta’-lamuun.

Laa talbisu – do not confound. This word has made from labasa. It means to mix up a thing with the others so that it may become difficult to distinguish between them, to expose the false as true or to coat the lie as such that it appears like really true.

Taktumu - do not conceal. This word has come out from the word katama. A meaning of katama is to conceal. To change the Commands of the God Almighty these may be of two types:
•        Changing the meanings or the words itself.
•        Conceal.

The Jews people used both methods to change the foretelling about the teachings of Heavenly Books and the last Messenger Muhammad (Peace and blessings upon Him). Due to waste of Torah some commands of God Almighty had been disappeared or lost, then which commands were remained, those were changed by these people for the sake of their advisability.

At the time of arising of Islam the Israelite scholars have ruined the remaining shape of their religion. They used to change the orders of those Celestial Books according to their wishes which had been lost. They had produced self written books on the names of Heavenly Books. Oftenly after writing paraphrase and explanation these were mixed with the original text and did not mark the difference between the two. The scholar, priest or monk, who had the Heavenly Instructions, he used to reduce or increase it for the sake of any worldly temptation or earnings greed.

All the signs and tokens were present in their Holy Books regarding the birth and prophet-hood of the last Messenger Muhammad (peace and blessings upon Him). But when He was born, they began to hide these all signs due to burning in the fire of jealousy and used to narrate from some of them topsy-turvy. So God Almighty commanded, “And confound not truth with falsehood, and do not conceal the truth knowingly. Due to your depravity other people also go astray.”

Cause of discussion about the important events of the history of Israelite is that the Jews be informed about their evils on one side and on the other hand to admonish the Muslims properly that there is no space in the religion for these kinds of talks. So we should think about these events which our Lord, the God Almighty has told us in the Holy Qur’aan, and the elevation and fall of the children of Israel. We should not produce the badness and evils in ourselves like this.

BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Sense Of Worship
Verse – 43 & 44 of 286, Section – 5 (Part  - 1)
43.  And establish worship and pay the poor-due, and bow your heads with those who bow (in worship).
44.  Enjoin ye righteousness upon mankind while ye yourselves forget (to practice it)? And ye are readers
of the Scripture! Have ye then no sense?
43.  Wa ‘aqiimus-Salaata wa ‘aatuz-Zakaata  warka-‘uu  ma-‘ar-raaki-‘iin.

44.  ‘Ata’-muruunan-naasa bil-birri wa tansawna ‘anfusakum  wa ‘antum  tatluunal-Kitaab. ‘Afalaa  ta’-qiluun.

Az-Zakaata – A particular alms given away by the Muslims at the rate of 2.5 p.c. on net property especially in the month of Ziqa’d. And the other meaning of it is chastity, purity, cleanliness. Really after paying Zakaat (Poor-due) the property becomes pure. Prayer and Zakaat are the two duties which remained part of worship in each religion; however difference remained between their forms and propositions.

Arka-‘uu – (bow), it is also used usually as for the whole prayer because it is a part of the prayer. Some times the word Asjuduu (prostrate) has come along with it. 
God Almighty commanded the Jews to correct their faith and belief first before inviting them for Islam, and that they would have to produce the real teachings of God in front of the people in its original shape, and not to mix up anything with it themselves.
Now they are being taught for acts. As it is desired that they should become habituate of offering prayers, offer the prayers with punctuality. The prayer is the most superior worship out of the bodily worships and the best method of recognition and to get pleasure of the God Almighty.

After the prayer they are being instructed to give Zakaat (pay the poor-due) as according to the rules they should pay a particular part of their wealth (2.5%) each year to the poor, meek, deserving and needy people for the sake of God Almighty. They should spend the wealth given by the God on useful works of welfare of the nation. The Jews were very rich because maximum people were merchants and artificers so it was dangerous for them that boundless love for wealth may grow in their hearts. Its remedy is attainable with offering prayers and giving Alms and poor-dues to the poor and needy persons with sympathy and knowledge about their necessities. So they were commanded to offer their prayers in the Mosques with those who offer prayers and bow when they bow, and pay the poor-due to the deserving persons.

 Al-birri – meanings of this word are goodness, favour, polite, worship with full sincerity, good manners and kindness. Opposite of this word are evils and sins.  

Al-Kitaab – here al-Kitaab means “Torah” in which all instructions regarding good deeds, worships and religious matters have been narrated for the Jews.

Whenever the days for destruction of any nation come then between them greedy for wealth and comfort scholars and leaders grow, who apparently preach every time to correct the habits, sympathize with other people with truth and faith at the time of negotiation, not to tell a lie, not to deceive any person, offer prayers, keep fasts, serve the people. But the preachers do not act upon their preaching themselves. Without comfort and pleasure of this world they have no concern with any thing. They wish only the effect of their preaching over others so that they may get maximum gifts, tributes and offering at the name of alms so that they may get maximum chances to be addicted to pleasure.
In this verse the scholars are being ashamed, “what do you do this? You guide the people to be good and pious with your tongues each time, whereas personally you are much away from the Truth. Do you wish only that people admit you their leader and spiritual guide and serve you always? Alas! You read the Torah and still you are convinced of showiness and indolent from correction of yourself. It is the first demand of the wisdom that a person should show himself as example for others in truthfulness. Against the facts you are criminal of deceiving the people. If you are sincere in advising the people, at first you should act too yourselves on your sayings.”

It could not be much useful to admonish and frighten the Jews, however there is an hidden advice for the scholars who believe that the Holy Qur’aan is a true Book, “Arrange to correct themselves who want to correct the others because becoming a hypocrite, treacherous, in-sincere and cheat is forerunner of destruction and ruin of the nation.             

BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Seek Help In Patience, Prayer and Concept of Doomsday
Verse – 45 & 46 of 286, Section – 6 (Part  - 1)
45.  And seek help in patience and prayer. And truly it is hard save for the humble-minded—

46.  Who know that they will have
to meet their Lord, and that unto
Him they are returning.
45.  Wasta-‘iinuu bis-Sabri was-Salaah. Wa ‘innahaa lakabii-ratun ‘illaa ‘alal- Khaashi-iin.

46.  ‘Allaziina yazun-nuuna ‘annahum-mulaaquu Rabbihim wa ‘annahum ‘ilayhi   raaji-‘uun.

Ista-‘iinuu – seek help. When anyone feels a difficult task, he needs help of any other person/thing.
As-Sabru – power of endurance. Need of patience remains each time. Whenever any good work is being done, doing it whole heartedly is patience and whenever someone has to face any calamity, bearing it without confusion is also patience. During working hard patience is also necessary. To keep the wishes pressed also needs patience. In short the patience is required every time and if we see; it is the origin of each good virtue.

God Almighty bestowed the human being two things, soul and body, and the both are the great blessings. Duty of the soul is to get knowledge, to devise and to take the work from body. And it is the duty of body to move in accord with the intention of soul. The prayer is source of gratitude for these spiritual and bodily blessings. It is the thanks of knowledge to recognize the God Almighty. It is the gratitude for blessings of standing that someone pray the God Almighty in straight standing position, then bow and pray in this position and then prostrate and pray in this position; that due to His blessings hands from elbows, legs from knees, hands and feet from wrists and ankles can bend. This is the great blessings otherwise if any joint becomes stiff then it would have a severe thrashing. Then someone should sit down and think that how is it a great blessing? Remember the blessing of turning the neck at the time of compliment.  At last someone should thank God with tongue also adopting each position of the body with intention. It is called Prayer.   

Al- Khaashi-iin – (humble-minded); the persons who suppose themselves weak and feeble without help of God they are called al- Khaashi-iin. It is the great worship of the heart to assert his humility during in standing position, in bowing position, in prostrating position and in sitting position in front of the God Almighty because in the prostrating position all the limbs bend which is sign of able to work and health of the body. So the prostration is the best form for declaration of gratitude and conception of helplessness. We should think that if the body parts do not turn then the human being is helpless and cripple. From it those persons should learn who deem the prayer useless. 

Yazun-nuuna – they know, they presume. This verse signifies towards getting the virtue which has particular degree in Faith. If any body does not have humility in his heart then he should think that he would have to face his Lord in his each deed, motion and comfort. Without His help he can do nothing. His Lord is with him every time. He knows his each condition, listens to his voice and observes his each act. As his thought will become matured gradually, his faith will increase. At last prayer and worship will become easy for him and the virtue of patience will begin to reveal.

There is no way without becoming good natured and for guidance of the others. The other thing with which prayer and worship becomes easy that is Belief on the day of Resurrection. On that day each person will be rewarded or awarded (the future reward of virtues or torture, agony, anguish) according to his deeds which he has done during his first life (in this world). On becoming the thought matured there will be produced two good manners from which faith will become matured:

•        Fear of the calamity of God Almighty.
•        Hope of His Mercy.

Result of the maturity of Belief will be humility and due to humility offering prayer will become easy, and it will result the patience which is root of all the good manners.

This small part of the Holy Qur’aan squeezes foundation of speeches. How beautifully children of Israel are being invited towards religion Islam and along with it Believers of Islam are being taught about the principles of Islam. Islam has proved through these types of commands that its principles are natural. Opposing them is actually opposing the humanity. Islam has come to purify its ancient shape which is common in Jewish, Christianity and other religions of the world from all kinds of evil. Israelite are plaintiff of religious and scholars so it is their duty to recognize and understand Islam because it is the last shape of which was present in Torah, The New Testament (The Bible) and all worldly Heavenly Books. 

Transliteration in Roman Script & English Translation of Holy Qur’an written by Marmaduke Pickthall, Published by Paak Company, 17-Urdu Bazar, Lahore and Lesson collected from Dars e Qur’an published By Idara Islah wa Tableegh, Lahore (translated by Muhammad Sharif)

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