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Naught befalls us save that which God has decreed for us

Lesson # 1095 from Holy Qur-’aan

Naught befalls us save that which God has decreed for us

Surah ‘TAWBAH or BARAAA-‘AH (REPENTANCE) – Chapter – 9)
Stage – 2, Verse – 51 of 129, Section – 7 of 16 (Part – 10)
In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

51.  Say: Naught befalleth us save that which Allah hath decreed for us. He is our Protecting Friend. And in Allah let Believers put their trust!   
51.  Qul-lany-yusii-banaa  ‘illaa  maa  katabAllaahu  lanaa.  Huwa  Maw-laanaa.  Wa  ‘alAllaahi  fal-yata-wakkalil-Mu’-minuun.       

It is extremely foolishness of a mankind if he is happy with the problems of others and begins to sing with joy; finding himself saved from that problem, and sings the melody of the goodness of his planning a scheme. A misconception is seated in the heart under this behavior i.e. a mankind brings problems on himself due to his own ignorance, and whoever is saved from the problems; he takes precaution in advance by his own forethought.

If it be considered thoughtfully, this conception prevents the mankind from the works of very boldness and courage. And ultimately, because of being careful, from which problems he was desirous to be saved, he suffers from more serious problems than those; due to being excessive careful and cowardice.

Holy Qur’aan does not give more importance to the worldly comfort and relief. It declares: Be ready to obey the Commands of God Almighty. Comfort and relief of this world are temporary things. Like this, calamity and toil during stay here is not timorous. Every human being enjoys and suffers comfort and calamity in any form during the life of this world. In both forms he should incline towards Allah Almighty and obeying His Command must be determined as his actual aim.

In this verse, such formula has been told to the Muslims, due to which they begin to take the calamities of the world nothing. And they begin to do such work, in which neither they care about any comfort and nor any calamity.

It is commanded: Say (to these Hypocrites): Which comfort and calamity have to come, will certainly come; according to the Command of God Almighty. We should fix imagination in our hearts higher than these both things, so that their impression may not prevent us from useful matters. That is; Allah Almighty is our Protecting Friend and Guard. Whatever He will give us, in that certainly, there shall be something better for us.

Therefore, it is the magnificence of a Believer that he gives his all matters in the charge of God Almighty and engages himself in His obedience for sacrificing everything (his wealth, body and soul etc.). He trusts in Allah Almighty, which means that he puts his entire powers and strength for carrying out the Commands of his Lord. And the calamities do not make him mean-spirited, because he believes that God Almighty will help him.       

Transliterated Holy Qur’an in Roman Script & Translated from Arabic to English by Marmaduke Pickthall, Published by Paak Company, 17-Urdu Bazaar, Lahore, Lesson collected from Dars e Qur’aan published By Idara Islaah wa Tableegh, Lahore (translated Urdu to English by Muhammad Sharif)

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